Thomas Woodrow Wilson Timeline

  • When he came out the womb

    When he came out the womb
    Woodrow Wilson Was born December 28, 1856 in Staunton, VA. He experienced the Civil War in his youth.
  • Fun Fact

    Fun Fact
    His earliest memory as a child was hearing that Abraham Lincoln had been elected president.
  • Fun Fact

    Fun Fact
    When he was born his first memory is that he heard the war was coming.
  • Fun Fact

    Fun Fact
    Wilson experienced the Civil War in his youth. Born on December 28, 1856 in Virginia, young Thomas Woodrow Wilson was present in Georgia when Union troops entered his town and his mother tended to wounded Confederate soldiers.
  • Very Educational Years

    Very Educational Years
    He went to college at johns Hopkins University And went there to study Baltimore as a graduate student in history and political science.
  • Jods/Careers

    After college he decide to become a Professor teaching history and political science.
  • Birth of his 1st Child

    Birth of his 1st Child
    Margaret Woodrow Wilson Is the oldest of three children and was born 1886-1944.
  • Birth of his 2nd child

    Birth of his 2nd child
    Jessie Woodrow Wilson Sayre Was the middle child and was born 1887-1933.
  • Fun Fact

    Fun Fact
    Wilson did eventually attend Princeton as a student. After a brief time at Davidson College, Wilson would up in New Jersey at Princeton, where he graduated 38th in his class of 167 students.
  • Birth of his 3nd child

    Birth of his 3nd child
    Eleanor Wilson McAdoo Was the youngest of the three children and was born 1889-1967.
  • Father's Death

    Father's Death
    He had died January 21, 1903 in Princeton.
  • Government Position

    Government Position
    His first government Position was governor of New jersey.Because he rapidly advanced as a young professor in Political science and became the President of Princeton. Which led to him running for governor. He also never served in the military.
  • Fun fact

    Fun fact
    Wilson was a professional historian and political scientist. After a brief law career, Wilson settled into an academic career that lasted until 1910. He was a professor at other schools, and then returned to Princeton, where he was named president in 1902.
  • Presidency

    He was in office from 1913 to 1921 They were both different terms. He was the 28th president. He was elected in Washington D.C.
  • Fun Fact

    Fun Fact
    Wilson only had a little over two years of political experience when he became President of the United States. After his Princeton career, Wilson won election as New Jersey’s governor in 1910, and just two years later, he was in the White House.
  • Rocky mountains National park Establishment

    Rocky mountains National park Establishment
    Rocky Mountains National Park Establishment
    What happened that Congress establishes Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.
    Result of this establishing the park boundaries and protecting the area for future generations.
    Who was all involved in the rocky mountains National Parks Establishment was Enos Mills.
  • Mother's day establishment

    Mother's day establishment
    Mother’s Day Establishment.
    What happened that Congress establishes Mother's Day as the second Sunday in May.
    Result of the mother day establishment that it was a official In the Early 1900s.
    Who was all involved was The creation of a national Mother's Day is primarily attributed to three women: Ann Reeves Jarvis, Julia Ward Howe, and Ann's daughter, Anna M. Jarvis.
  • WW1

    Congress debates and votes on a declaration of war against Germany.
    What happened Up to 3 million Germans, including 15 percent of its men, had been killed.
    Result were Germany was the leader of the Central Powers, which included Austria-Hungary at the start of the war as well as the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria.
    Who was all in evolved in the ww1 was Serbia, Russia, France, Britain, Italy and the United States.
  • His very delightful marriage

    His very delightful marriage
    He got married on December 18, 1915.
    His first wife name was Ellen Axson Wilson and was born 1885-1914.
    His Second wife's name was Edith Bolling Galt Wilson and was born 1915-1924.
  • More Fun Facts

    More Fun Facts
    Wilson put the first Jewish justice on the Supreme Court. In 1916, the President pushed for Louis Brandeis to be named to the high court against fierce opposition. In the end, Wilson prevailed.
  • Political Party

    Political Party
    His Political party is Democratic Party.As president, Wilson changed the nation's economic policies and led the United States into World War I in 1917.
  • Programs/laws

    Woodrow Wilson created the League of Nations after World War I. The first intergovernmental organization established to promote international cooperation and to achieve international peace and security.
  • League of nation

    League of nation
    he had created this after WW1 this would help women be able to vote.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    This was made during the league of nation.
  • Noble prize

    Noble prize
    He had won this because of what had done with the league of nation.
  • When he left office

    When he left office
    He left office in 1921 March 4 in Washington D. C.
  • Fun Fact

    Fun Fact
    Wilson made the first live remote national radio broadcast. In November 1923, shortly before his death, Wilson spoke to a national audience just before Armistice Day from his Washington, D.C. home. The next day, 20,000 people showed up at his house to hear a few more words from the former President.
  • How he died

    How he died
    He had died to a paralytic stroke.
  • Buried

    He was Buried in Washington National Cathedral and was the only president buried their.
  • Death

    He had died February 3, 1924 in Washington D. C.