Thomas Moretz

  • 200

    440 BCE-Democritus

    His theory was if kept dividing something you would get to some thing which can't be divided. He called this an atom.
  • 201

    382 BCE-Aristotle

    Aristotle belived that particles could be infinety cut.
  • Dalton

    Dalton thought that atoms of the same element are exactly alike.
  • Thomson

    Thomson thought electrons were mixed thoughout the atom like "plums in pudding."
  • Rutherford-1909

    Rutherford conducted an experiment in which he shot particles on a thin sheet of gold. to his suprise some bounced back.
  • Rutherford-1911

    Rutherford created a model in which eletrons circle a dence center called the nuculous.
  • Bohr

    Bohr though that electrons rotated around the nuculous in certain paths.
  • Schrodinger and Heisenberg

    Schrodinger and Heisenberg consructed a model which introduced electron clouds. electron clouds are places were the electron is likely to be found.