Thomas Kuhn

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  • Birth

    Thomas Kuhn was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. His Father was a industrial engineer and also fought in world war one! His mother graduated from Vassar College
  • Professor

    After graduation Kuhn dove more into the history of science. We was appointed to be an official professor at the University of California Berkely. This position helped him dive deeper in to the Philosophies of Science where he became very popular.
  • Essential Tension

    Essential Tension
    In this year a variety of Kuhns essays regarding Philosophies and History of Science was published. He primarily talks about how important tradition Is in science. This book became very popular and is still used today.
  • First Academic Achievement

    First Academic Achievement
    Thomas Kuhn was always into physics from the start of his educational background. He also studied the Philosophies of Science and Science history on his academic Journey. This year he graduated from Harvard with summa cum laude with a masters degree in physics. This is a great start to an amazing career.
  • Death

    Throughout Kuhns life he Married twice and many complications. Towards th last two years of his life he battled cancer and sadly lost this day. He died in Massachusetts in his home
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