Thomas Kuhn

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  • Birth

    Thomas Kuhn was born in Cinncinati, Ohio on July 18th, 1922. He was the first born out of two children. Kuhn's father, was a hydraulic engineer, graduating from both Harvard and MIT. As for Kuhn's mother, she was a liberally educated person who came from a wealthy family.
  • Education

    Kuhn followed in his fathers and uncle's footsteps by going to Harvard in the Fall of 1940. He had troubles choosing between physics or mathematics. Listening to his fathers counsel he chose physics because of career opportunities.
  • Graduating from Harvard

    In 1945 Kuhn had returned to Harvard. He had an early acceptance into graduate school and began studies in the physics department. In 1946, Kuhn had received a master's degree in physics. Harvard had awarded him a doctorate in physics in 1949.
  • The Copernican Revolution

    Kuhn became baffled from Aristotle's work while teaching at Harvard. Ending up making Kuhn start to focus on history of science. Leading up into his first book being published called "The Copernican Revolution". For the most part his reconstruction of the revolution was scientifically accurate and methodologically appropriate.
  • Structure

    Thomas wrote another book later on called "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions". After the books publication, he was absorbed with attention and him addressing criticism because of the ideas contained in his book. Kuhn took on an energizing task calling it "Normal Science".
  • Death

    On June 17th, 1996 Kuhn had passed away due to lung cancer. He died in his home in Cambridge, MA. He was battling this disease for a couple years before he had passed.
  • citations

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