thomas jefferson

By kgauer
  • born

  • went to college

  • began practicing law

  • married

  • drafted declaration of independece

  • martha died after giving birth to their sixth child,lucy eliabeth

  • he was elected for congress

  • pime minister for france

  • he wrote a bill establishing religous freedom enacted in 1786

    he wrote a bill estableshing religous freedom,enacted in 1786
  • secrtary of state

    jefferson was secrtary of state in president washingtons cabinet
    he resinged in1793
  • president canidate

  • elected vice president

  • the defect caused a more serious problem

  • wrote a private letter

  • elected president

  • constitution

  • he retired from ellected office

  • went to universityof virginia

  • he died

  • he fought for church and state