The top 10 Presidents of Guatemala

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  • Gabina Gainza

    The general Gabino Gainza came to Guatemala's history to be appointed as Head of the new Guatemalan State, after the signing of the independence. Previously, this Spanish general had championed the cause realistic in Chile and Peru.
  • Pedro Molina

    Pedro Molina
    Don Pedro was born in Guatemala City on May 3, 1777. He studied at the University of San Carlos, where he obtained several titles, including the surgeon's. It forms home with Dolores Bedoya and formed a family with political participation. He directs the constitutional Editor and the genius of liberty. Their participation is crucial to the independence. He died in 1854.
  • Mariano Galvez

    During the independence process their participation was important. On September 15, 1821, on behalf of the cloister of doctors, voted in favor of the emancipation.
  • Jose Cecilio del Valle

    Del Valle was born in Choluteca, Honduras, on 22 November 1780. As a child he was sent to Guatemala City, where he studied at the school in Bethlehem. Later, at the University of San Carlos, where he graduated as lawyer. He held important posts during the colonial administration. In 1820 he founded and headed the Friend of the homeland, an important component in which expresses the ideology of a pro-independence group. Subsequently, he founded The General Editor.
  • Jose Manuel Arce

    It was a brilliant Salvadoran military. During his life he fought for independence. Formed part of the independence movements of 1811 and 1814 in San Salvador, which gained him the deprivation of their liberty. After independence, participated in the fight against Nicolas Verses Padilla, sent by Gabino Gainza. He was defeated and had to go into exile. On his return he was elected first President of the Central American Federation (1824 - 1829).
  • Juan Jose Arevelo Bermejo

    His government was the first to be chosen in a manner fully democratic and began on 15 March 1945 until 15 March 1951. While he was in power was founded many institutions and other necessary things. Some examples are: the Labor Code, the creation of the IGSS, the Superintendency of Banks, the Bank of Guatemala, the Monetary Board, the Faculty of Humanities, the Federación schools, the Institute of Anthropology and History, etc.
  • Miguel Ydigoras Fuente

    With the rank of Lieutenant Colonel was one of the key members of the October Revolution of 1944. During his government were completed sections of the road to the Atlantic, and in 1959 the project was completed "Clover", the Park of the industry and even gave attention to the department of Petén through the FYDEP and among their primary concerns was to give shelter to the middle-class people.
  • Jacobo Arbenz Guzman

    With the rank of Lieutenant Colonel was one of the key members of the October Revolution of 1944. His plan of government focused basically to start big projects he thought important. -- One of them was giving the country a modern telecommunication network as when he started to build the road to the Atlantic.
  • Marco Vinicio Cerezo Arevalo

    In 1964 he became an active member of the Christian Democracy party and in 1970 he was elected as Secretary of the same party. On 14 January 1986 took power and durant this stabilizes the Quetzal to 2.50 for every dollar. He also established the Central American Parliament is still running. Suffered some coups d'état.
  • Alvaro Arzu Irigoyen

    He served as mayor of Guatemala for over 8 years and was elected on 14 January 1996, by a majority of votes. In addition his party was the one that took the majority of members. He was admitted to having achieved peace in the country with the URNG already for more than 3 decades there was internal strife. The signing of the peace was held in a act on 29 December 1996 which was attended by many Heads of State as well as the Secretary of the UN.