The Story Of Lewis And Clark

By 31560
  • The Land

    Enventually the land around the Missouri River began to change.
  • Expedition

    In 1803, the year that Jefferson set the expedition in motion, crossing North America was as chahleging and myserious as tricaling to the moon.
  • Missouri River

    Affter waiting out the winter, the corps of Discovery finally set off upthe Missouri River on May 14,1803
  • Lewis And Clark

    Lewis and Clark often made speeches to the Native Americans, calling them childern, and saying that they had a new "arera white father in the east.
  • Corps

    "On April 17,1805, the corps of Discovery launched it's boats and headed was again.
  • Native Americans

    By the Spring of 1805, they had traveled 1,500 miles (2,400 km) ;met many Native American tribes, lost one explorer to ilness, and, spent a freezing Winter in a fort they built them selves.
  • Territory Ended

    Two hundered years ago united states territory ended on the east bank of the Mississippi River.
  • Discovery

    The corps of dicovery rowed of 1803.