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The Secret War: Notable Jundullah Attacks (

  • Attack on Iranian President

    Attack on Iranian President
    The motorcade of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was ambushed during his visit to Balochistan province, in which at least one of his bodyguards was killed and others injured.
  • Tasooki Attack

    Tasooki Attack
    On 16 March 2006, four days before Iranian new year, Jundallah blocked a road near Tasooki and kills 21 civilians. A thirteen year old student on his way for new year holidays was caught in the cross fire.
  • Zahedan Bombing

    Zahedan Bombing
    A car bomb and gunfire directed at a bus killed 18 members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Guards commander Qasem Rezaei said, "This blind terrorist operation led to the martyrdom of 18 citizens of Zahedan" and attributed the attack to "insurgents and elements of insecurity." Jundallah claimed responsibility for the attack on 15 February.
  • Mass abduction

    Mass abduction
    Jundallah militants kidnapped 21 Iranian truck drivers near Chah Bahar on August 19, 2007 and brought them to Pakistan. Pakistani forces later freed all of them.
  • Police Abduction

    Police Abduction
    16 police officers in southeastern Iran were abducted and brought into Pakistan. In September 2008, Jundallah released one of the hostages. In December 2008, it was revealed that Jundullah had killed the other 15 hostages.
  • Saravan Ambush

    Saravan Ambush
    12 Iranian policemen were ambushed and killed by Jundallah near Saravan.
  • Zahedan Mosque Blast

    Zahedan Mosque Blast
    A bomb blast on May 28, 2009 rocked a mosque in the city of southeastern Iranian city of Zahedan as mourners participated in a ceremony marking the death of the daughter of the prophet of Islam, which killed 25 people and injured 125 others, less than 3 weeks before the Iranian 2009 presidential elections.
  • Pishin Bombing

    Pishin Bombing
    42 people were killed in a suicide bombing in the Pishin region of Sistan-Baluchistan, including at least 6 officers in Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards such as the deputy commander of the Guards' ground force, General Noor Ali Shooshtari, and the Guards' chief provincial commander, Rajab Ali. Jundallah claimed responsibility.
  • Saravan Bombing

    Saravan Bombing
    In a rare suicide bombing in Iran, a car bomb was driven into a security building in Saravan, Iran, on December 29, 2008. The explosion killed four Iranians.
  • Zahedan Bombings

    Zahedan Bombings
    27 people were killed in a double suicide bombing at the Jamia mosque in Zahedan. The blasts, timed 20 minutes apart to maximize injuries, are believed to have killed several members of the Revolutionary Guard.
  • Chah Bahar Bombings

    Chah Bahar Bombings
    Two suicide bombers targeted a group of Shiite worshippers at a mourning ceremony a day before Ashoura near a mosque killing at least 39 people.