"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

By mboone3
  • (Exposition) Walter Mitty Fights a Hurricane

    Walter Mitty and his imaginary friend, Lieutenant Berg are in a Navy hydroplane flying towards their doom in a hurricane. Mitty shouts a bunch of instructions as they head straight towards the hurricane.
  • (Rising Action) Walter Mitty Transports His Wife

    Walter Mitty is now in reality. He's speeding at 55 mph to rush his wife to a hair salon. After doing so, he drives past a hospital that sends him daydreaming once again.
  • (Rising Action) Walter Mitty Becomes a Surgeon

    A millionaire banker is in desperate need of surgery. Mitty and a team of specialists discuss on previous successes. Mitty fixes a machine that was causing a huge problem. He quickly begins the operation, but he needs to hurry before the machine breaks again.
  • (Rising Action) Walter Mitty's Battle in Court

    Mitty is being accused of murder. The district attorney shows Mitty a piece of evidence, a gun from the scene of the crime. Mitty says, "I could have killed Gregory Fitzhurst at three hundred feet with my left hand." The courtroom is filled with shouting, and a woman runs towards Walter Mitty. The district attorney lashes at the woman, but Mitty retaliates and strikes back.
  • (Climax) Walter Mitty Finds Himself In a War

    Walter Mitty and his imaginary friend are talking in a dugout near an ongoing battle. The enemy is closing in on them, and Mitty needs to make a decision, to fight or to run. He straps on his favorite gun, says goodbye to his friend, and walks out towards the numerous enemy soldiers.
  • (Falling Action) Mitty Finds Himself Back in Reality

    Walter is now in the hotel with his overshoes. His wife is bothering him because he forgot about an errand. Mitty is not yet fully in reality, and his wife thinks he's out of his mind. They leave the hotel, and Mrs. Mitty goes back to retrieve something.
  • (Resolution) Walter Mitty, Undefeated

    Walter Mitty lights a cigarette as it begins to rain. He is recalling his great adventures. He imagines one last event where he is at last facing death. He is about to be killed by the firing squad, but he will die a proud man. Walter Mitty remained inscrutible to the end.