The Rock

  • Dwayne's childhood

    Dwayne's childhood
    Dwayne was born in the 2nd of May, 1972 in Hayward, USA. As a child, he wanted to become a CIA agent. Since Dwayne's father wanted Dwayne to become a wrestler, he became a wrestler while only having 11 years old!
  • Dwayne's adolescence

    Dwayne's adolescence
    By the time Dwayne was 17, he got arrested eight or nine times so far. He started doing things he shouldn't have done by the age of 13. It was for fighting and theft. On a lighter note, he used to play college football, he could've ended up playing with some talented players but sometimes people choose the wrong actions.
  • The beggining of The Rock's career

    The beggining of The Rock's career
    In 1996, Dwayne joined the WWE and became Rocky Maivia where he joined a group known as "The Nation of Domination"
  • Dwayne's first job

    Dwayne's first job
    In 2001, he began acting and occasionally returned to the ring. Johnson's first leading role as an actor was in The Scorpion King in 2002.
  • Dwayne's film career

    Dwayne's film career
    It wasn't until "The Rundown" in 2003 that people began to see Johnson as a genuine action hero. He began to act on lots of family films such as "The Other Guys" and comedies like "The Game Plan". Then, after years of acting, he acted in now popular movies such as "Fast and the Furious" and "Jumanji" which really brang up his career.
  • Dwayne today

    Dwayne today
    Today, he's one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood and heads a successful production company named "Seven Bucks Productions".