The Persian Gulf War

By condor
  • The Iraqi/Kuwait bordeline conflict is declared as not an American Problem

    US ambassador, April C. Glaspie tells Saddam Hussein that the Iraqi/Kuwait borderline conflict is not an American problem, but an Arab one.
  • Iraqi troops invade Kuwait under Saddam Hussein's leadership

  • Worldwide Trade Ban on Iraq

    The UN Security Council imposes a worldwide trade ban on Iraq
  • Desert Shield is launched

    Desert Shield, the building up of coalition forces with other nations, is launched with the first US troops arriving in Saudi Arabia
  • Hussein declares annexation of Kuwait to Iraq

  • UN declares Iraq's annexation of Kuwait unlawful

  • Resolution 678 is passed

    UN passes Resolution 678 declaring a Jan 15th withdrawal deadline for Iraq from Kuwait.
  • Saddam Hussein does not withdraw troops from Kuwait by deadline

  • Desert Storm is launched

    The air-campaign, Desert Storm, is launched against Iraq and its position in Kuwait and lasts for six weeks.
  • President Bush issues a final-ultimatum

    President Bush issues a final-ultimatum declaring Iraq withdraw its troops from Kuwait or the coalition will launch ground attack against Iraqi army.
  • Ground Attack is launched

    Ground attack of Iraq and its position in Kuwait is launched and lasts 100 hours before liberating Kuwait and defeating most of Iraqi army.
  • President issues cease-fire

    Declaring Kuwait has been liberated after 100 hours of ground battle.
  • Iraq accepts post-war terms

    Establishing a no-fly zone over Iraq, economic sanction, and required weapons inspections by UN, while leaving Hussein in power.