The Olympics

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  • The Very First Olympics

    The Very First Olympics
    The first Olympic games were held in Athens, Greece. Which included 241 athletes and 14 Countries.
  • Paris

    The second Olympic games were held in Paris, France. It was the first time that women were allowed to compete in the games. There were 997 athletes (22 women, 975 men). Twenty-four Countries competed.
  • Germany

    The thirteenth Olympic games were held in Berlin, Germany. In Berlin Jesse Owens and African American won four gold medals. He became a hero to the people of Berlin. There were 646 athletes (80 women, 556 men). There were twenty - eight countries that competed.
  • Montreal

    The summer games of 1976 were held in Montreal, Canada.Women’s events in basketball, rowing and team handball all made their Olympic debut. There were 6,084 (1,260 women, 4.824 men) athletes that competed and 92 countries that took part in the games.
  • Seoul

    The 1988 summer games were held in Seoul, South Korea.For the first time, all three medalists in equestrian dressage were women. Swedish fencer Kerstin Palm became the first woman to take part in seven Olympic Games, and table tennis made its Olympic debut. The number of athletes that competed were 8,391 and 159 countries competed.
  • Beijing

    The 2008 summer Olympics were held in Beijing, china. This Olympic games was very important. 130 Olympic records were broken. Michel Phelps claimed eight swimming gold medals. Usain Bolt broke several records and claimed a third gold medal. 19,942 athletes ( 4,637 women, 6,305 men) competed. A record number of 204 Countries competed.