The new deal

  • FDR

    Franklin D. Roosevelt is inaugurated.
  • The hundred days

    time period between march 9 untill June 16 that congress passed more than 15 major peices of the New deal legislation.
  • Glass-Stealgall Act

    Established the Federal deposite Insureance Corporation.
  • National Industrial Recovery Act

    provided money to the states to creat jobs cheifly in the construction of schools and other public buildings.
  • The SEC

    Congress created the SEC to regulate the stock market.
  • Indian reorginization act

    The Indian reorginization act secured certain rights to Native Americans.
  • Social security act

    The act provide benifits to retirees and the unemployed.
  • Works Progress Administration

    Set out to creat as many jobs as possible as quick as possible.
  • Wagner act

    Reestablished the NIRA provision of collective bargaining.
  • National youth Administration

    was created specifically to creat jobs, provide education, counceling, and recreation for young people.
  • FDR

    Franklin D. Roosevelt is re-elected
  • Labor unions

    Labor unions started useing sit-down strikes
  • Route 66

    Route 66 is complete linking Chicago, Illinois,to, Los Angeles, California.
  • entertainment

    In 1939 the Wizard of OZ was released into movie theaters.
  • FDR

    Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected a third time.