The most dangerous game

  • introduction

    Rainsford and his friend Whitney are traveling in the Caribbean to hunt jaguar.
  • Period: to

    dangerous game

  • 2

    Rainsford hears a gunshot and steps on the edge of the boat to look for where it came from. He leans over too far, loses his balance, and falls into the water. He swims until he reaches an island and falls into a deep sleep once he is on shore
  • 3

    When he wakes up, he starts to stroll round the island. He finds a large mansion and meets a man, General Zaroff, who lives there.
  • 4

    It turns out that the general likes hunting as well, and they discuss about what they assume the most dangerous thing to hunt is. General Zaroff claims that he hunts the most dangerous creatures on this very island, people
  • 5

    General Zaroff has a game that he plays in which he lets a human out into the forest to hide. A few hours late General Zaroff goes to locate him. If the General finds him within three days, he wins. If the general does not locate him, he loses.
  • 6

    Rainsford sets out into the forest and a few hours later the General goes out to discover him. Rainsford left a winding route however the general was still capable to follow it, and although General Zaroff knew the general location of Rainsford, he went back home to rest til the next day.
  • 7

    When the general returned to discover him the next day, he is about to set off the trap Rainsford had made however at the last second he leaps back, however not quite quick enough. A tree crashes down and stikes the general on the shoulder. He calls out to Rainsford for his cleverness of the trap and once again turns to go back home to have his wound dressed.
  • 8

    General Zaroff returns bringing one of his dogs. Rainsford had set another trap, this time a hole with sharpened sticks at the bottom. One of the general's dogs falls into it and dies. General Zaroff congratulates Rainsford of his cleverness again and tells him he will be back again.
  • 9

    The next day the general come searching for Rainsford with Ivan and all of his dogs. Rainsford sets a small trap set with a knife, and he kills Ivan with it. But the dogs continute on searching for Rainsford. So Rainsford keeps moving farther on into the forest until he comes to sea. He has no choice when he hears the dogs coming so he jumps into the sea. The general loses Rainsford and goes back home.
  • 10

    General Zaroff is back at the house eating his dinner as he was once again unable to discover Rainsford within the three days. Rainsford had been hiding behing the curtains and comes out. The general is amazed to see him however congratulates him for winning the game.