The most dangerous game

  • introduction 1- Whitney and Rainsford arrive at the island

    They arrive at the Caribbean where it is said to be called 'Ship-Trap' island. Whitney and Rainsford are there to go hunting.
  • Rainsford hears a gun being fired 3 times

    While stargazing one night on the yacht, Rainsford hears a gunshot and steps on the edge of the boat to look for where it came from. He leans over too far, loses his balance, and falls into the water
  • introduction 2 Rainsford doesn't feel right about the island

    Rainsford has a bad feeling about the island. `Don't you feel anything?'--as if the air about us was actually poisonous. Now, you mustn't laugh when I tell you this--I did feel something like a sudden chill.
  • General Zaroffs game

    General Zaroff has a game that he plays in which he lets a human out into the forest to hide. A few hours late General Zaroff goes to find him. If the General finds him within 3 days, he wins. If the general doesn't find him, he loses. General Zaroff wants to play this game with Rainsford, but he refuses.
  • Rainsford hides

    Rainsford goes into the forest and later the general sets out to find him. General Zaroff knew where Rainsford would be but instead went home for the rest of the day.
  • The general goes out again to find Rainsford

    When the General sets out to find Rainsford he sets off the trap which a tree fell and injured the general so again he goes home to dress the wound.
  • General Zaroff hunts for Rainsford bringing his dog

    General sets out hunting again but bringing one of his best dogs. Rainford had set a trap for General Zaroff to fall in. Instead his dog fell in and died so General congratulates him on his cleverness and returns back home.
  • General hunts Rainsford with Ivan and all his dogs

    Rainsford set another trap which kills Ivan as he went with general and all of his dogs. All the dogs catch up quick to Rainsford so he has no choice but to jump into see where general Zaroff could not find him.
  • Rainsford won

    General zaroff was unable to find Rainsford within the 3 days so while he was eating his dinner Rainsford came out hiding in the curtains and The general congratulates him for winning.
  • Period: to

    The dangerous game

  • general Zaroff and Rainsford talk about hunting

    the general likes hunting as well, and they talk about what they think the most dangerous thing to hunt is. General Zaroff claims that he hunts the most dangerous creatures on this very island, humans!