The Most Dangerous Game

By rblanco
  • Day 1 part 2 Rising Action

    Also, General Zaoff told Rainsford about his life and General Zaoff said he hunts for humans now for fun. General Zaoff said to Rainsford that he as a choice he can play or play with Ivan. It was night Rainsford was let out and he starts the game. They made deal in three days if Rainsford wasn't killed he will be let free.
  • Day 1 part 3

    Rainsford injures the general's shoulder by the Malay Man Catcher trap.
  • Day 1 Rising ACtion finds General Zaoff

    Exposition Background it was a dark night pitch black. Rainsford and Witney were talking about if animals had feelings. Then Rainsford fell off the boat and swam to to shore and went to sleep.HE woke up hungry it was still dark . He saw blood and footprints he flowed it . then he meet General Zaoff and Ivan.General Zaoff and Rainsford were having dinner.
  • Day 2

    Rainsford woke up from the branch of the tree that he climbed up last night. planning for another trap.
  • Day 2 part 2

    rainsford set up another trap called Burmese Tiger Pit. Killed Generals Zaroff's finest dogs
  • Day 3

    Rainsford killed Ivan. By the Uganda Knife Trick. Also, the general thought Rainsford died. Rainsford hides behind the curtain and kills the gneral.