The March Through Malaya

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  • Landing of Japanese Troops

    Landing of Japanese Troops
    The Japanese Forces landed on the east coast of South Thailand, and at Kota Bahru, in north-eastern of Malaya. The Japanese invasion of Malaya began from these landing points
  • Sinking of British Battleships

    Sinking of British Battleships
    Two british battleships were sunk on this day, they were called 'Repulse' and the 'Prince of Wales'. These ships were sunk by Japanese fighter planes. The sinking of these two battleships was the worst British naval disaster in war because after that, the British had no more battleships to stop the Japanese
  • The Battle of Jitra

    The Battle of Jitra
    At Jitra, the Japanese fought with the British in heavy rain. The British did not have tanks because they thought that tanks aren't good for jungle warfare, but they were wrong. The Japanese surprised the British because their tanks move really fast. The British were no match for the Japanese, and there was a breakdown in communications, so British troops were confused and disorginized.When the British withdrew, they left behind many things that the Japanese put to good use.
  • The Fall of Penang

    The Fall of Penang
    A few days before the fall of Penang, Japanese Planes dropped bombs on the island. Many ships and boat on the harbour were seized by the Japanese, and they were used to make coatsal landings on the west coast of Malaya.
  • The Battle of Slim River

    The Battle of Slim River
    At Slim River, the British tried to fight against the Japanese again. The British used anti-tank guns against the Japanese tanks but the guns did not work. During this battle, Japan got large quantities of food, ammuntion, and equipment.This battle was a major victory for Japan and a major defeat for the British.
  • Japanese Troops Entered Kuala Lumpur

    Japanese Troops Entered Kuala Lumpur
    Japanese troops entered Kuala Lumper on this date. In the railway yards of Kuala Lumper, the Japanese found train loads of the things they need. Printed maps of Singapore and Johor were also taken by the Japanese. These maps were for the British, but the invaders got it before the defenders.
  • The Battle of Gemas

    The Battle of Gemas
    At Gemas, the Australian and Indian soilders of the Allied Forces tried to stop the Japanese from getting to Singapore. They put explosives on the bridge, and when most of the Japanese troops were on the bridge, the Australian commander blew it up. Many Japanese troops were killed that day. The success did not last long because the Japanese made coastal landings on the west coast of Johor. Then the Australian and Indian troops lost to the Japanese. This picture shows remains of the bridge.
  • The Destruction of Causeway

    The Destruction of Causeway
    On this day, the British, Indians, and Australians from different places in Johor went to Singapore. The British blew up the Causeway between Singapore and Malaya, hoping to slow the Japanese down from coming to Singapore, the mighty fortress of the British.