The March Through Malaya

  • Landing of the Japanese Troops

    The Japanese came from a lot of the countries around Malaya and then attacked Malaya all at 1 time.
  • Sinking of the British Battleships

    On this day 2 british Battleships sunk. They were called the Repulse and the Prince of Wales. They sunk because of the Japanese fighter planes.
  • The Battle of Jitra

    They fought in heavy rain. THe Japanese suprised the British with their members of the troop and there weapons. The Japanese depended on their enemies for supplies. This also happened on the 12 of December too.
  • The Fall of Penang

    Days before the fall of Penang the Japanese planes dropped bombs on the island. During the fall of Penang many boats and ships were seized by the Japanese who later took them to the West Coast of Malaya.
  • The Battle of the Slim River

    At the Slim River in Perak the british fought a losing battle agianst the Japanese.Japanese captured a lot of their supplies.The Battle of the Slim River was was a major victory for the japanese
  • Japanese Troops Entered Kuala Lumpur

    The Japanese found the Britains plans and their suply of food. They also found maps for the British of Johor so the maps were in very bad hands.
  • Battle of gemas

    At the Gemas in Johor the Ausralian and Indian soldiers tried to stop the japanese from reaching Singapore.THis killed many Japanese soldiers.But the Japanese soon started to make coastal landing and after they put up a good fight the Australian and Indian troops were defeated by the Indian Troops.
  • The Destruction of the Causeway

    Australian Units from various parts of Johor withdrew to Singapore.They realized that Malaya was lost. The British troops blew upthe Causway whichlinked Malaya and Singapore.