The Life of William Shakespeare

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  • Apr 23, 1564

    Birth of William Shakespeare

    Birth of William Shakespeare
    On April 23rd, 1564, William Shakespeare was born. He was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England in what was believed to be the home of William's father, John. Shakespeares date of birth has yet to be varified, but April 23rd is known as St. George's Day, and is accepted to be Shakespeare's birth date.
  • Shakespeare's Marriage

    Shakespeare's Marriage
    On this date, a marriage license was issued to William Shakespeare and Anne Wheatley (or Hathaway). The license was issued by the Tample Grafton, in Warwickshire. William was known to be 17/18, but Anne was 8 years older at the time of marriage!
  • Susanna Shakespeare

    Susanna Shakespeare
    Susanna Shakespeare was born May 26th, 1583. This was a mere 6 months after the marriage of Anne and William. When Shakespeare pasted away later on, most of his possessions were left to Susanna.
  • Hamnet and Judith Shakespeare

    Hamnet and Judith Shakespeare
    The twins, Hamnet and Judith, were born on February 2nd, 1585. These two were named after 2 close friends of William Shakespeare. A baker; named Hamnet Sadler and his wife Judith were whom the 2 were named after.
  • Death of Hamnet

    Death of Hamnet
    Hamnet Shakespeare died tragically at the young age of 11. It is accepted that he passed on due to the Bubonic Plague, but no one truly knows for sure. Nothing is known of young Hamnets burial as well.
  • Shakespeare Moves

    Shakespeare Moves
    On this day, Shakespeare moved to a much larger and much more expensive house in Stratford. It was the second largest known at the time he bought it. When Shakespeare moved in, the house dated back 100 years. It also came with 2 barns, and 10 fireplaces.
  • Firsy Play Preformed

    Firsy Play Preformed
    The first play known to be preformed was Julius Ceaser. Thomas Platter, a tourist, wrote in his journal that scholars found, "We witnessed an excellent preformance of the tragedy of the first emporer Julius Ceaser." The play was said to be preformed by 15 actors. All show times happened at around 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
  • Beginning of Writing of Will

    Beginning of Writing of Will
    On this day, Shakespeare had issued instructions to write up his will. This was decided because upon the first weeks of 1616, the year of his death, he became very ill. Many delay occured during the process of writing up this will.
  • Will of Shakespeare Finished

    Will of Shakespeare Finished
    On this date, the will of William Shakespeare was finally finished after various delays. Many possessions, as mentioned before, were left to Susanna, the eldest daughter. He left his youngest daughter Judith a smaller amount of money for marriage portions.
  • Death of William Shakespeare

    Death of William Shakespeare
    Shakespeare's exact death, is not known. But researchers found that if they clarified William's death to be the same day as his birthday, it would be more exciting. Although no one is truly sure as to how Shakespeare died, scholars came up with ideas such as; influenze, alcohol abuse, tertiary syphilis, typhoid, and drug abuse.