The life of Paul Crabbe

  • New Beginning

    Paul moves to Darwin with his family. There are many changes involved with this (climate and culture).
    He is the new boy in town - quiet and unpopular
  • The first lesson

    Paul arrives to his piano lesson with the very mysterious Herr Keller from Viena. At this point, lessons with this man are very different. Paul learns that there is a lot more to piano. He has to take things slowly and build his patience with these paino lessons. Herr Keller is the result in him turning into a very good piano player. The beginning of the development of Paul's character.
  • Time for school

    Paul discovers the harsh people in his class on this day as he begins at a new school. It shapes his character to lack confidence at this point, he doesnt have many friends as he begins in this new city and there is the typical 'bullying scene'.
  • A girl

    At school Paul was falling inlove with megan. He spends all night dreaming about her, however Megan is not the one he discovers to love. She lets him down by saying 'the only place you can have me is my dreams. This shapes Paul's character as he learns that he doesnt belong in her world when Jimmy Pappas stops him after school to start a fight.
  • Wife and Son

    This was the first details that Paul discovered about the Maestro's mysterious life. He learns that Keller's wif's name is Mathilde and his sons name is Eric. His personality is shaped in this part of the novel as he begind to be patient and learns to respect Keller.
  • The first exam

    It was finally Paul's 16th Birthday joined with a celebration about his latest examination as he recieved an A+ from the Australian Music Board. Shapes his personality in the way he feels older and wiser with this examination and Keller also provides some new information about himself.
  • The research

    Paul's family goes down south for Christmas.
    Throughout the trip his mother and him get bored and decide to do plently of research on Keller in the library.
    This leads in Paul becomming more interested and fascinated by his piano teacher
  • falling in love for real

    This is the day that Paul meets Rosie and falls inlove with her.
    Rosie is really interested in the piano and likes Paul as well. They spend a lot of time together.
    With Rosie in his life, he learns to love and gain confidence in himself, he feels like a somebody at school now.
  • Teaching music

    Paul finally builds up the confidence when popular boys decide to make a band. he helps them with getting it all in tune and perfect, ready for performance. He assists them in winning the competition and sending them to adeliade. This is when his true character begins to build.
  • Adelaide

    While Paul is in adeliade for the band competition, his piano teacher enters him into a piano competition as well.
    He loses the band competetion however doesn't do too bad in the Piano one. On this trip he discovers that Keller was a prisoner of war. He learns that winning isn't everything.
  • Future

    On this night Paul doesn't exactly agree with the dinner topic of his future. All he could thnk about was Rosie and the nature surrounding him. It shapes his cahracter in a way of him not knowing what he wants to do after school, being uncertain in himself.
  • Adelaide

    10 years on, and Paul studied music at the conservtorium in Adelaide. Keller and Paul stil wrote letters to eachother talking about their situations. That year, Keller was involved in the cyclone. Paul was very surprised that keller survived. It shows that no matter how stubborn Keller was, Paul was always there for him and happy to listen to his advice.
  • Vienna

    Paul left to Europe for his performances with his music after he had graduated from the conservatorium. He visted many places all over the world in this year. This shos that he has rown up over the last 10 year into a very mature person. Keller has changed the way Paul see's life.
    At this point in the book his character was shaped in a way that shows paul has determination, maturity and is a stubborn character at the same time with a lot of attitude.
  • The ending

    This year Paul discovers that his piano teacher is very sick and old and is in hospital. Herr Keller later dies, and Paul becoms a parent ofa daughter and a husband to Rosie. He realises how imporant having a family really is and how much he loves them.
    At this last part of the book it shows that paul is a person with a lot of emotion and feeling. He has gained understanding as a character;