The life of freddie mercury

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  • Birth and country of origin

    Birth and country of origin
    His real name was Farrokh Bulsara and he was born on September 5, 1946 on the island of Zanzibar (Tanzania), his parents decided to send him to India to receive a good education, his uncles took care of him, while he studied at boarding school " St. Peter's School "which is a British school,Being only 7 years old
  • Studies in india

    Studies in india
    Al estudiar en una escuela británica, sus amigos lo comenzaron a llamar Freddie lo mas parecido a Farrokh al inglés, esto se hizo que Farrokh, se reconociera como frederick, una de sus primeras pasiones fue el boxeo, pero su madre lo impidio, en este tiempo empezo sus clases de piano interesandose por la musica, notando su talento el decano del St. Peter College, escribió una carta a sus padres, sugiriendo que, con el aumento de la cuota mensual, Freddie podría tomar más clases de música
  • Home in england

    Home in england
    After returning to Zanzibar in 1964, at the age of 18, he had to move with his family to England to escape the outbreak of violence on the island. To escape the outbreak of violence on the island. He entered the Isleworth Polythecnic and, during the holidays, he used casual jobs to earn extra money.
  • Studies in England

    Studies in England
    In the spring of 1966 he obtained the highest marks in the Isleworth Polytechnic art exam, a score that allowed him to be admitted to the Ealing School of Art in London; Which prompted him to become a graphic designer, although his interest in music had not disappeared. He left his house and rented a flat in Kensington with a partner named Chris Smith.
  • First bands and inspirations

    First bands and inspirations
    The Hectics, was an amateur rock and roll band that lavished their performances at all school parties and dances. In this formation, in which he held the position of pianist. Parallel to his studies. Farrokh's earliest musical influences came from mystical Hindu music, classical sounds, and some rock and roll.
  • Encounter with smile

    Encounter with smile
    Tim Staffell, his classmate at Ealing, was a singer and bassist for Smile, which also included guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor; Staffell tried, at first, to convince Freddie to join the group as a second singer, but to no avail, yet Freddie became a number one follower and fan of the band.
  • Creation of queen

    Creation of queen
    Smile's first single, Earth / Step On Me, recorded at Trident Studios and released in May 1969 by Mercury Records, was released in the United States without yet obtaining the expected success; 36 for this reason, Staffell decided to leave Smile. So Roger and Brian asked him to be the lead singer of the group. Freddie insisted on renaming the band and his was the idea of baptizing it Queen. At the same time, he changed his stage name and became Freddie Mercury from that moment on.
  • Mary Austin

    Mary Austin
    Mercury had a long-standing relationship with Mary Austin, whom he met through Brian May, and lived with her for many years in West Kensington. In the middle of that decade, he had a love affair with an executive of the Elektra Records company, which ended the relationship he had with Mary Austin, with whom he would maintain a good friendship until the moment of her death.
  • queen separation

    queen separation
    They were going through a professional slump since the album, at that time they had confrontations among themselves, they distrusted each other, they suffered depressive states
  • Success of queen

    Success of queen
    1986, Freddie Mercury would make his most successful tour with Queen, the Magic Tour. He would shine again, with great concerts throughout Europe, including Spain. As he passed through Madrid
    On October 7, 1979 he performed with the Royal Ballet, to perform and dance Bohemian Rhapsody and Crazy little thing called love.
  • Death of Freddie Mercury

    Death of Freddie Mercury
    Mercury was diagnosed with AIDS, after Easter 1987, on November 22, 1991, Mercury called Queen's manager Jim Beach to discuss a public matter, revealing that he had this disease. The day after this report was written, on November 24, 1991, Mercury died at the age of 45. The official cause of his death was bronchopneumonia complicated by AIDS. Elton John, David Bowie and members of Queen were present.