The Life of Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Franklin's Birth

    Franklin's Birth
    Franklin was born at Hyde Park, NY on January 30th, 1882.
  • Franklin's Education

    He attended Harvard University and Columbia Law Schools in 1900.
  • His Marriage to Eleanor

    Franklin Roosevelt he married Eleanor Roosevelt on St. Patrick’s Day in 1905.
  • He Became a Senator for New York.

    He Became a Senator for New York.
    He won the election to the New York Senate as a democrat.
  • a nominee for Vice President

     a nominee for Vice President
    He became a democratic nominee for Vice President.
  • Stricken with Polio

    Stricken with Polio
    He was stricken with polio in the summer at age 39
  • Elected President

    He was elected President of the United States in November, by March there were 13,000,000 unemployed.
  • Attack on Pearl Harbor

    The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7,1941.
  • His Death

    His Death
    He died before World War 2 ended close of a cerebral hemorrhage.