The Life Of Edgar Allan Poe

  • Birth

    Edgar Allan Poe is born in Boston, Massachusettes on January 18th.
  • Period: to

    Birth And Death

  • David Poe Deserts Family & Mom falls sick

    David Poe Deserts Family & Mom falls sick
    Edgar's father David Poe deserts the family leaving Poes mom by her self to take care of 3 Kids. Shortly after David leaves, Poes mother becomes sick with tuberculosis
  • Death & Departence

    Death & Departence
    On December 8th Poes mother passes away due to tuberculosis. Shortly after this happens Edgars father also dies. With no one to take care of Edgar, he is adopted by Richmond couple John & Frances Allen. Edgars brother and sisters go to different foster homes
  • Application to University of Virginia

    Application to University of Virginia
    Halfway through the academic year, Poe decides to enroll at the University of Virginia
  • Gambling Debt Causes Conflict

    Gambling Debt Causes Conflict
    While at college, Poe bult up a 2,000 gambling debt. His stepfather refused to pay the debt. Poe then ditches college and his step family and moves to Baltimore to live with other relatives.
  • A Poetic Soldier

    A Poetic Soldier
    Poe enlists into the army under the name " Edgar A. Perry " Shortly after this he publishes his first poetry book, " Tamerlane and other poems "
  • Death of foster mother

    Death of foster mother
    Poes foster mother dies in Richmond Virginia while Poe is now a major sergeant in the Army
  • West Point Admittance

    West Point Admittance
    Poe starts attending the West Point Military Academy , a few months after he publishes his second book of poetry, "Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane and Minor Poems."
  • Bye-Bye West Point

    Bye-Bye West Point
    In 1831 Poe gets tired of the military . So he gets himself succesfully kicked out of the school.
  • Southern Literary Messenger

    Southern Literary Messenger
    In 1835 Poe becomes a editor for the Southern Literary Messenger magazine. He also publishes reviews of his and other writers work.
  • Marriage To Virginia Clemm

    Marriage To Virginia Clemm
    At age 27 Poe attends a ceremony in Richmond where he marries to his 13 year old cousin Virginia Clemm.
  • Moving North

    Moving North
    In 1837 Poe and his new wife and mother in law move north to New york, and then to Philadelphia.
  • Poe Publishes His First Book

    Poe Publishes His First Book
    July 1838 Poe publishes his first book titled " The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym"
  • Grahams Magazine

    Grahams Magazine
    Poe becomes a Editor at Grahams Magazine. He holds this job until May 1842. " The Murders of The Rue Morgue " is run by the magazine.
  • Virginia Becomes Ill

    Virginia Becomes Ill
    While Poes wife Virginia is playing at a piano she begins to start bleeding from her mouth. Which is a symptom of untreated tuberculosis. Her tuberculosis gets progressively worse over time.
  • Poe Becomes a Lecturer

    Poe begins delivering poetry lectures to large audiences
  • Move to New York

    Poe, his wife, and his wifes mother move to New York and Poe gets a job at the New York Evening Mirror
  • The Raven

    In 1845 Poe publishes his first majorly popular poem " The Raven" He then becomes an editor and owner of a magazine called " The Broadway Journal"
  • Poes Magazine Fails

    On January 3rd 1846 The Broadway journal fails because of financial problems
  • Death of Virginia Clemm

    Poes wife Virginia dies of tuberculosis at their house in Bronx, New york. Her death leads Poe into a raging alchoholic.
  • Death of Edgar Allan Poe

    On October 7th 1849 Edgar is found laying unconcious in a baltimore gutter. He is brought to a nearby hospital where he is then pronounced dead due to unknown causes. Today he is buried at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Baltimore