The Life and Times of Harrison Ford

By RB3074
  • Birth

    A star is born!! His parents were Dorothy and Christopher Ford. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. His grandparents were a mixture of races such as Jewish, German, and Irish. He jokingly said once when he is acting, he feels more Jewish.
  • Period: to


    Harrison Ford is a child. He lives and learns in Chicago. He graduates from Maine East High School.
  • Graduation

    Harrison Ford graduated from high school, working on the first school radio station, WMTH. He was also the first sportscaster for the radio station.
  • Married Mary Mardquart

    Harrison married his first wife, Mary Mardquart. He was only 22 at the time. He was a very young person. She wasn't an actor or any kind of famous person, but it didn't matter for him.
  • Star Wars IV(The ACTUAL First Movie)

    The first released Star Wars Movie is released, with Harrison starring as Han Solo, a gunslinger and pilot wanted by many a bounty hunter.
  • Divorced Mary Marquardt

    Harrison Ford divorces his first wife. They were having some financial trouble. While they still liked each other, they didn't agree on money issues.
  • The Release of The Empire Strikes Back

    The sequel of the Star Wars movie in which Harrison played the same role as the last movie. Random Fact:Harrison wanted his caracter, Han Solo to die at the end of the movie, so George Lucas compromised and ended the movie with Han frozen in carbonite.
  • Raiders of The Lost Ark Release

    This is the realease of the first Indian Jones movie, in which he is the main caracter in every movie released.
  • Release of Return of the Jedi

    The realease of the second sequel to Star Wars. Once again, Ford played Han Solo.He is unfrozen from carbonite in the begining, if I confusd you.
  • Marries Melissa Mathison

    He marries his second wife. She is an actor. She also did some writing.
  • The Temple of Doom Release

    The sequel to The Raiders of the Lost Ark comes out. Indiana crash lands in a remote place in India. He fights the Thuggee cult in the end of the movie.
  • The Last Crusade Release

    The second sequel to Raiders of the Lost Ark is released. In this Indiana's father is in trouble. He got in trouble because he was searching for the Holy Grail.
  • Realease of Indian Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull

    Once again playing the title caracter in this seemingly endless series of movies. In this, he is the older form of himeslf. The main plot he finds a crystal skull and must return it to an acient city.
  • Divorces Melissa Mathison

    Ford divorces Melissa Mathison for the same reason he divorced his first wife. She was spending more than he was making. They don't talk much.
  • Married Callista Flockhart

    He marries his third wife. He met her at the Golden Globe awards. They have been to award ceremonies afterwards.