The Journey of Perseus

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In History
  • 300

    The life of Perseus

    He was living an ordinary life as the son of Danae. Zeus was also apart of her pregnancy, for he is his father.
  • 302

    Call to Adventure

    Perseus was assigned a mission to kill medusa from King Polydekis.
  • 304


    Zeus gave him an Adamantine sword, Hades helm of darkness, Hermes lent him winged sandals, Athena gave him a polished shield.
  • 306


    Perseus departs into the supernatural world when he steals the eye from the Graeae, blackmailing them into telling him about the location of the Nymph(Minor female spirits of the natural world).
  • 308


    Using the info blackmailed from the Graeae, Perseus locates the Nymphai, who loan him Hermes' winged sandals, Hades' helmet of invisibility, and the kibisis(a bag to hold Medusa's head).
  • 310


    The Gorgons live in a cave, and Perseus will begin the most dangerous part of his adventure, he know he must use the reflection of his shield so he wont look into Medusa's eyes and be turned into stone.
  • 312


    Perseus ventures into the cave, lucky for him, Medusa and her sisters are asleep, allowing him to decapitate Medusa. He stores her head in his Kibisis. He then used his helmet of invisibilty to escape the gorgons who were awoken. Now victorious, Perseus travels home. On his way back he runs into Atlas (the Titan required to hold up the earth) and asks him for shelter. The titan refuses and as punishment Perseus turns him into stone.
  • 314


    He now has the head of Medusa, turned Atlas to stone, Married Andromeda, and removed Polytectes as king of Seriphus.
  • 316


    Medusa was no longer a threat, had Andromeda as his wife, and his mother no longer had to worry about Polytectes persuing her.
  • 320


    Perseus has returned his magical artifacts(Hermes' winged sandals, Hades' helmet of invisibility, and the kibisis) to Hermes, and gave the head of Medusa to Athena.(Articles by Victor.) Zeus then offers Perseus a spot in Olympus, but he refuses.
  • 324

    New Life

    Perseus was a very humble man,but also beleived he wasnt good enough to live in Olympus, which is mainly the reason why he refused.
  • 330


    10 years later Perseus is offered to be king for many places he ventured through, but denies all because he desires to go home.