The impact of the war

By jamitch
  • The bombing of darwin

    The bombing of darwin
    On the 19th of febuary, 1942, darwin was bombed by the japanese, this was the first and most devistating bombing of all.Most of the 280 or so people killed that day were victims of this first wave and on the 12th of november 1942, darwin was bombed for the 64th time, this was the last bombing of darwin..
  • the bombing of Broome

     the bombing of Broome
    On 3 March 1942, without warning, Japanese fighters attacked. The attack lasted no more than 20 minutes, during which time 25 Allied aircraft were destroyed and dozens of people were killed or wounded. Many victims were Dutch women and children packed into flying boats on the harbour.
  • The japanese submarine attack of sydney

    The japanese submarine attack of sydney
    31 May 1942 three Japanese submarines, I-22, I-24 and I-27, sitting about seven nautical miles (13 kilometres) out from Sydney Harbour, each launched a Type A midget submarine for an attack on shipping in Sydney Harbour.
  • The bombardment of Newcastle

    The bombardment of Newcastle
    On 8 June 1942 was a short bombardment off Newcastle, about 160 kilometers off Sydney. At about 2.00 am, the Japanese submarine I-21, commanded by Captain Kanji Matsumura approached Newcastle. Matsumura's orders were to attack the Newcastle harbour. From about 2.15 am, he fired 34 shells from about nine kilometres north-east of Fort Scratchley, at the mouth of the Hunter River.
  • The cowra breckout

    The cowra breckout
    At 1.45 am on 5 August 1944, fighter pilot Toyoshima Hajime, the first Japanese to be captured on Australian soil, blew a shrill blast on his bugle. Almost 1000 Japanesemen, armed with home-made weapons, went at the camp fences .The surprised guards, rushed to their posts when the alarm sounded.