The Hunger Games: Katniss gets help

  • Peeta gives Katniss bread

    Katniss was going through trash to find food when he heard Peeta get yelled at for burning the bread. Peeta was told to feed the bread to the pigs but, decides to give it Katniss.
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  • Care

    After Katniss volunteered to take primroses spot in the hunger games Mr.Mellark, Peete's Father, and Gale offer to take care of her family while she was gone.
  • Faint

    A random person from district 12 catches Katniss when she faints after hearing Primrose was chosen in the hunger games.
  • Haymitch

    One of the first people Katniss meets on her journey is Haymitch. Haymitch prepares and trains Katniss for the hunger games.
  • I love you

    Peeta tells Katniss that he loves her which makes her look weaker then what she really is.
  • Rue

    Rue points to the tracker jacks nest above Katniss head which Katniss uses to throw at the players below her.
  • Love for Katniss

    Peeta loves Katniss so he joins a bad alliance to distract them from Katniss. Peeta also fights Cato to keep him away from Katniss when Katniss was weak
  • Thankful

    After Rue passed away Rue's distric sent bread to Katniss.
  • Thresh

    Thresh kills Cato when Cato was going to kill Katniss. Thresh did that in respect for Katnsses love and care to Rue who was in the same distric as Thresh.
  • Warn

    Haymitch warns Katniss that the Capitol is going to harm katniss and Peeta because of the mockery aimed to the capitol.Haymitch tells Katniss to act innocent and to say love drove her crazy.