The Hunger Games, Fiction,374

  • pages 3-30

    charecters are intruduced. katniss explains how she lives and how she has to hunt for her family,
  • pages 31-51

    katniss little sister was picked to go into the hunger games but she volintierd insted to go for her. she also had a old friend go with her on theway there.
  • pages 52-80

    now they are on there way to the hunger games and they are have gottin ready to be presented and have been presented and have a few days to be prepared and trained.
  • pages80-110

    katniss and peta get some advice they also get some time to train and also train with there last agmes winner to give them tips . katniss also gotinto some kid of trouble.
  • pages 111-200

    the hunger games have now started. katniss and peta have ow serarated and have seam to be going after eachother but but both seam to survive and kill off each other team mates. slowly more and more people are dieing.
  • pages 201 -256

    katniss decieds she will team up with a little girl rue. she has to trust her bbut doesnt want to and makes it temapary. peta also teams up but they all die off and they end off on there own but they end up finding each other teaming up ageansit one other person.
  • 257-300

    now that they have teamed. and they have one last tribute they have to face and survive agensist but he is good really good. so they camp out, collect food, and do what ever they can.
  • 300-374

    katniss had killed cato and now the anouncer has changed the rules to the point of where its either katniss or peta has to win so one has to die. but they both show that they will kill them selfs so they games anounce them both winners. they are asked to explain the whole scene they do and are asked to than leave safly. after that they are allowed to return home.