Hunger games

The Hunger Games

  • The setting

    The setting
    The books
    The book starts as Katniss and her friend Gale go out hunting on a Sunday morning, While Gale is excellent at snares for game, Katniss is an almost expert archer. She knows the best place to strike her game (the eye) to get the most meat from it. The two are friends and can confide in each other. On the day of the reaping, the two joke about it, unknowing that one of them will soon fight for their life. Literally.
  • The Reaping

    The Reaping
    At about noon that same day, all of the citizens of District 12 gather in the main part of town for the reaping. There, Katnisss' little sister, Prim, only having her name in once, is chosen as a tribute. But Katniss, to everyone's surprise, volunteers in place of her sister. Peeta Mellark is also a tribute.
  • Training

    Training CenterAfter saying good bye to her family and friends, Katniss goes to the Capitol where she is trained for the Hunger Games. She learns new skills and techniques here and learns her angle for getting sponsers. She is surprised when Peeta asks to be trained seperatly. She will soon find out though. Peeta has a surprise in store.
  • Interview-3 days before games begin

    Interview-3 days before games begin
    Interview with Ceasar
    In a shocking interview with Ceasar, Peeta revealed his motive for asking to be tained seperatly from Katniss:He loved her. This was a shock to all of the citizens of the Capitol and Katniss. She never expected this. For her though, this just complicates the games even more,
  • The Hunger Games Begin

    The Hunger Games Begin
    Let the Games Begin
    As the time counts down, Katniss makes a strategy on how to get items from the cornicopia without getting into the assured fight. She wants to grab something to help her put has a hard time decideing. She finally decides to go for a back pack that may have some necessary survival tools. Then she runs into the woods.
  • Running from fire

    Running from fire
    Katnis is chased by fire created by the Capitol. The Capitol will oftentimes create an obstacle for the tributes to make the games more exciting for the viewers. Katniss manages to escape the trailing blaze with non-fatal injuries.
  • Healing Peeta

    Healing Peeta
    PeetaKatiss searches for Peeta after learning that two tributes frm the same district can win. She finds him with a serious leg injury and has to nurse him back to health. She hopes she can help him survive the last few days of the Hunger Games.
  • Night Lock

    Night Lock
    After the Capitol announces that there will only be one winner Katniss and Peeta who are the only two left standing are upset. They decide that neither of them wants to win. Katniss suggests eating nightlock off of a nearby bush, that will kill them instantly. Peeta aggrees. The Capitol quickly decides two is better than none and announce them the winners. Peeta and Katniss spit out the berries.
  • Crowning Ceremony

    Crowning Ceremony
    Peeta and Katniss are Victors. There is a lengthy healing period for the two and then they are interviewed and honored. Katniss learns that Peeta's leg injury was mor serious than she thought and his leg had to be amputated. She is upset by this and acts as she should by pretending they are are in love. The Ceremony takes place and they are both given a half of the Victors Crown since the Capitol had only one made for one victor; not two.
  • Returning Home

    Returning Home
    Who will you Support?
    Katnis and Peeta return home as Victors of the Hunger Games. Their families now reside in the Victors Village and are basically rich. The journey is not over for Katniss and Peeta though. More trials and tribulations are soon to come.