The Hunger Games

  • Peeta gives Katniss bread

    You know he is trying to help her because he got beat for burning the bread and he knew he would. He hands it to her, he doesn't throw it in the trash and have her get it.
  • Peeta's dad gives Katniss cookies

    He wants to show her that she has his support. That if she loses he will help feed Prim.
  • Cinna makes her costume unforgettable

    He wants her to get sponsored. No one has had a costume like it before, Cinna went out of his way to make it.
  • Haymitch sends her stuff for her burns

    He wouldn't have sent it if he didn't care about her. He believes she can win.
  • Rue helps Katniss

    She showed her the trackerjacker nest above her. She could have not told her and gotten Katniss killed which would help her.
  • Peeta fights Cato to save Katniss

    He warned her to run. He risked his life to save her.
  • Rue helps Katniss with trackerjacker stings

    She gives her leaves that help. She chews them for her. She could have left her there and had her suffer.
  • District 11 sends Katniss bread

    It cost them a lot of money, you wouldn't spend a lot of money for someone you didn't like. They wanted to thank her.
  • Haymitch sends Katniss sleeping medicine

    He wants her to put Peeta to sleep so she can go and get the medicine for him. He has faith they can win.
  • Thresh kills Clove when she was on Katniss

    He could have let Clove kill Katniss and then attack. He felt he owed Katniss for killing the boy who killed Rue.