The Hungar Games Suzanne Collins 374

  • 1-30

    It begins with mostly just describing the character. Like katniss and how her background and same with gale. It also talks about distric 12 and how poor it is and how the capitail controls it.
  • 30-56

    It starts talking about the hungar games and how one child is choosen from each distric to fight to the death. The are going dto the riping and first Prims name gets pulled but katniss volunteer to go instead. So now katniss is going into the hungar games.
  • 56-70

    Katniss and Peeta are rushed away to the capital. Katniss prmises prim that she will win for her, and she tells Gale to keep her mother and prim safe. She also tells her mom that she cant do what she did when there dad died.
  • 70-93

    Peeta and Katniss are trying to start to get used to Haymitch and his teaching styles. On the train ride to the capital Katniss and Haymitch start off on the wrong foot. Maymitch is a really big drunk, and Katniss doesnt like that. Haymitch was the last winner from distric 12 to win the hungar games
  • 93-115

    Katniss starts to realize that she has to start to trying to stay alive. Peeta asks for them to be trained seperterle, which makes her believe that he is already planing how to kill her.
  • 115-140

    In this Peeta confesses his love for Katniss and says that hes always loved her. He does this in an interview for the whole world to see. After his interview Katniss gets mad and blushes him and cuts his hand. Haymitch says that Peeta might have saved there lifes by that.
  • 140-170

    They go into the Hungar games. M\Haymitch tells them to just run and not go to the Cornucopia and just run, but Katniss doesnt listen. But whats new? She runs and grabs a backpack. And Peeta just runs.
  • 170-190

    Peeta teams up with the Career's. Katniss find out when she is stuck in up into a tree, She is shocked that he joined them. Then Katniss find out that they are really going to get Katniss.
  • 190-222

    The game keepers sets the forest Katniss is hidding in on fire. There are fire balls getting throwed at her head. She gets burned pretty bad by a fire ball. She also goes up into a tree to hide from the Careers. Above her which Rue points our is tracker jackers.
  • 222-250

    The careers camp out underneather her and the she drobs the tracker jackers on them and kills one. The one she kills has a bow which she takes. She also gets stung. But Rue takes care of her. Then they team up but on a mission to blow up the supplies Rue gets killed. Which makes Katniss kill the guy who threw the spear there Rue.
  • 250-267

    The game annoucers announces that there can be two winners from the same distric. Katniss finds Peeta but he's hurt. So she takes care of him by getting food and other supplies from sponsers for kissing and doing other loving things. But then she has to go to a dinner to get something for his leg. She has to drug him to let her go.
  • 267-300

    Peeta leg gets a little better. They kill foxface by having her steal some poison berrys. They go the Cornucopia becuase these crazy dogs start to chase them. Cato Peeta and Katniss are on top of the cornucopia.
  • 300- 334

    Cato peeta and katniss fight on the cornacopia. Cato almost kills peeta but katniss shoots him in the hand and Peeta pushes him back into the pile of dogs that katniss thinks that the game makers made out of other victoms. Which kills Cato
  • 334-374

    katniss and Peeta almost eat some posion berries becaseu they didnt want to leave without eachother. But they end up defining the game keepers. Then they get taken away and katniss freaks out becasue they take Peeta away farom her. Then when they are on the way back to disrtic 12 katniss tells Peeta that she thought that everything she did was to get sponsors and Peeta gets hurt by that and they go back to disrtic 12 as champions.