The History of Energy

  • Bioelectricity

    Luigi Galvani discovered bioelectricity, Showing that nerve cells passing signals to muscles is a form of electricity.
  • first locomotive

    This situation required the invention of more effective engines and cheaper energy sources.
  • Incandesent Light Demo

    Incandesent Light Demo
    James Bowman Lindsay demonstrated a constant electric light at a public meeting in Dundee, Scotland. He stated that he could "read a book at a distance of one and a half feet".
  • electric motor

    Thomas Davenport invented the electric motor, which is still used today in electrical appliances.
  • Solar Energy

    Solar Energy
    Solar energy was first developed by Mouchout of France. His solar engine consisted of a a glass-enclosed iron cauldron with reflectors that concentrated solar radiation to boil water and to operate a small steam engine with the steam produced.
  • The telephone was invented

    The telephone, invented by Alexander Graham Bell, converted the sound waves from the human voice to electric impulses, conducted the impulses through a wire, and converted them back to the human sound at the other end of the wire.
  • The Lightbulb

    The Lightbulb
    Thomas Edison invented an incandescent light bulb that could be used for about 40 hours without burning out.
  • First automobile invented

    First automobile invented
    Karl Benz created the first automobile
  • Wind Turbine

    Charles Brush builds the first wind turbine to generate electricity.
  • Nuclear Fission is Discovered

    Nuclear Fission releases a tremendous amount of energy.