The History of Canned Foods

  • Napoleon Bonaparte

    He offered 12,000 Francs to the person that solves the problem of preserving food for extensive period of time.
  • Before Canning

    Before canned food was avaliable there were numerous ways that people preserved food: drying, smoking, and curring. These methods had a big impact on the freshness and quality of the food. They were very time consuming and difficult to do correctly.
  • Nicolas Appert

    He discovered that food preserved when sealed tightly. He founded the first food bottling factory in the world. It was named "The House of Appert". He was awarded the 12,000 Francs.
  • Peter Durand

    He found a way to replace glass jars with cylindrical tin or wrought-iron canisters. Cans are cheaper and easier to make, they are also less fragile.
  • Robert Ayars

    established the first American canning factory in New York City. He used the improved wrought- iron cans.
  • Bryan Donkin and John Hall

    Created the first commerical canning factory using Durand's patent for tin cans.
  • Public

    Canned food became available to the public.
  • Henry Evans

    He invented a machine that can manufacture tin cans at a rate of sixty per hour.
  • Gail Borden

    He was the creator of condensed milk. He wanted to make a food that people would be able to take with them on long journeys, so they could survive.
  • Ezra Warner

    He patented the first can opener.
  • William Lyman

    He was the inventor of the household can opener.
  • Max Ams

    He invented the double seams, which provide an air tight seal to the tin can.
  • William J. Osterhoudt

    He patened the tin can with a key opener that can be found on sardine cans.