The Great Depression in Australia Aneka

  • Post World War One

    Australia wasn't in good shape, the economy wasn't doing well and there was lots of job losses. Australia Borrowed lot's of Money from the London Low Market to get the economy going.
  • Period: to

    The Great Depression

  • Wall Street Crash

    After World War One to much money was being borrowed and because of that the stockadge crashed affecting the govement and lots of people lost money.
  • Goverment spending cuts

    The Goverment spending was cut and they had to find ways to repay loans. The reason is because they borrowed lots of moey from the londen low market. Lots of jobs were lost.
  • Australain Economy is struggling

    The Australain Economy was build on exports milk, weat and dairy. 1931 the price of these had slumped by 50:/: this meant that australaia was struggling and the other countries don't have enough to buy those foods. So then Australai dosen't have enough money coming in.
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge Opening

    The Sydney harbour bridge opened and it was seen as a trimuh for the depression.
  • Unempolment at a High Point

    one third of the working population is unemploment.
  • Economy gradually starting to recover