the great depression

  • Black Tuesday

    This is when the stock market crashed. The prices started to drop and they lost 30 billon dollars after it was all over
  • Hoover says the worst is over

    Hoover tells America that the economy will improve within the next 60 days.
  • Food riots break out

    Hungry americans crash windows in grocery stores and gas stationsand run away because they have no other way to eat.
  • Roosevelt New Deal

    This New Deal is a program that Roosevelt Created to seek his win for precidency
  • Roosevelt elected

    Roosevelt is elected for the first time. Many americans didnt think tha Hoover did much. So they are hoping that he will be the help they neeed
  • The Emergancy Banking Act is passed

    By the end of March almost all of the banks that closed at the start of the depression were open because of this act.
  • The Tennese Valley Authority is created

    This was to bring electrity. Also it made dams to help with the flooding.
  • Social Security

    This act is to give the elderly money during the month if they retired.
  • Dorthea langes famous photo

    Dorthea took pictures of the rural poor. One of her famous photos during the great depression was the migrant mother
  • The book The Grapes of Rath is published

    This book is about a family looses their home and they have to pack up and move to Cali. They have to find new jobs and a home.