The Great Depression

  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
    On a day called"Black Thursday", the stock market "crashes" when prices keep dropping and by the end of November the stock market loses $30 billion
  • Food Riots break out in the United States

    Food Riots break out in the United States
    Food riots start in cities across the United States hungry Americans smash grocery store windows, take food, and run away because they do not have any other way of getting food to eat.
  • Roosevelt promises a "New Deal"

    Roosevelt promises a "New Deal"
    While campaining for president of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt promises a "New Deal".
  • Roosevelt is elected president

    Roosevelt is elected president
    Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected president for the first time. Many Americans di not think that president Hoover did enough to help them and hope that Roosevelt will end the Depression.
  • The Civillion Conservation Corps is created

    The Civillion Conservation Corps is created
    The first New Deal program, the Civillion Conservation Courps (CCC) is created. Thousands of young men go to camps to work on projects such as building parks, building roads, and fighting fires.
  • Social Security is created

    Social Security is created
    The social security act is signed. The act provides money every month for senior citezens.
  • Japan attacks Pearl Harbor

    Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
    Japan bombes American ships at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Thousands of americans are killed in the attack.
  • The Great Depression ends

    The United States declares war on Japan and joins World War II. Because the war creates so much money and jobs for the economy, the Great Depression ends soon after the U.S. goes to war.