The Great Depression

  • Texas Surviving

    -Governor Ross Sterling could not do much.
    -In Dallas and Fort Worth people helped by giving money and food.
    -Homeless peple were allowed to live in public buildings and spaces.
    All over families banded together and cut costs of living to survive.
  • New Hope

    When hoover was president, he refused to admit there was a problem.
    Roosevelt was elected 32 nd. president of the U.S. He offered a promise of hope and a bold course of action.
    His plan,The New Deal offered relief.
    -Created 7 programs
    -CCC civilian conservation corps.

    Preserved, and restored natural resources by making trails, shelters, cabins, steps, and planting trees among other improvments in our state parks.
  • The End

    After years of sufferage the depression finally came to a cease at the start of WWII because of the jobs needed to supply the soilders.
  • New Deal

    New Deal
    Within the New Deal there was a very importasnt program called the Civilian Conservation Corps. Also called the C.C.C., this trained, employed, fed, and sheltered men. Above all it provided a source of income for their families. For this reason many men and teens were eager to join this organization. Other organizations helped farmers and landowners.
  • Dust Bowl

    A storm came that carried 350 million tons of dirt. People called it The Great Dust Storm
    Causes were:
    Hot Weather
    Excessive Farming
    The soil was left without nutrients because the government wanted farmers to grow wheat for the war.
    $2.00 a bushel of wheat
  • The Stock Market Crash

    This was the start of the great depression, The great plains were suffering through drought and horendous dust stroms. After days of selling stocks, the Stock Market finally fell apart.
    -on October 29, 1929
    -millions of citizens lost jobs and were unemployed
    Causes of the Stock Market crash of 1929 were:
    buying on credit
    buying on Margin,
    The Dust Bowl.
  • Great Depression

    The Great Depression was a time of economic hardship in the U.S. and other countries.
    Millions were starving and homeless.
    The Stock Market crash was the beginning of the Great Depression .
    It began October 29, 1929 or Black Tuesday