the great depresion in Australia by Jasper Sonnak

  • post world war one

    post world war 1 the Australian economy was not very good at all so they borrowed a large amount of money from the london loan market.
  • Period: to

    the great depresion

  • the wall street financial crash

    due to financial proplems on a global scale the wall street stock exchange crashed.
  • government spending cuts

    the govenment spending was cut as they were borrowing way, way way to much money and could not pay even close to enough back to the london loan market
  • Aussie economy is strugglingn with money

    after the stock market crashed the Aussie trade downpoured by millions of dollars:$640,000,000-$460,000,000!
    economy was built on exports such as:
    the price of these had stumped by 50% in 1931.
  • sydney harbor bridge has been built... finally the Aussies succead!

    what a triumph in this deapth of depression, hoorah!
  • unemployment at a high point

    one third of the working population of the Aussies for anyone who could work
  • Aussie economy gradually starting to recover...