The Fazbear story this is a complete history of the fnaf story placed in my au it follows a generally similar path to the main timeline but it differs to my liking enjoy :3

Timeline created by LexxMlep-Emit
  • Jeffs Pizza

    the very original resturaunt wasn't even called freddy fazbears
    it was called jeffs pizza
    owned by a Mr Jeff smith living with his daughter Lisa Smith
    one day a small boy showed up at the restaurant homeless and living becide the dumpsters of this restaurant
    the man sympathized with the boy and let him in the boys name was William afton
    the retraunt began to gain notoriety when the boy ended up being a prodagy in engineering making the first animatronics
    And Funtime Chica
  • The Fazbear founding

    in 1956
    brother in arms david
    miller and william afton
    join with a henry emily in a
    bar after henry is fired from his job he offers to
    assist william and david in
    making a buisness by all
    gathering money together
  • Period: to

    The Fazbear family

    Between 1958-1980
    William, Henry, and David all started families
    William had a son named Michael (born June 2nd, 1959)
    David had 1 son Kris (born October 31st, 1978)
    and Henry had 3 kids, 2 girls, and one boy
    Ann (born September 3rd, 1979)
    Charlie (born May 1st, 1973)
    and Sammy (born January 9th, 1958)
  • The death of lisa afton

    Williams wife Lisa dies from heart cancer but due to Williams inability to move on from her death Lisa becomes trapped and lingering with unfinished business
  • The opending days

    2 locations were opened a Freddy fazbears pizza made from the old jeffs pizza owned by henry and William and a smaller location owned by David called fredbears family diner
  • Micheals faimly

    Micheal Afton meets Michelle Smith and they have 2 kids
    Elizabeth born February 3rd, 1980
    Andrew born December 25th, 1978
  • Count the ways

    At the sister, location William talks to a man named Scott Cawthon planning on teaming up with William to expand the horizons that the fazbear name can reach
    but his Neice Millie Fitzsimmons wonders off bored and while there she meets a prototype of the animatronic called funtime freddy
    bored out of her mind she climbs into the animatronic and finds its sentient and psychopathic she is killed by it
  • Elizabeths death

    Elizabeth was killed by the baby animatronic due to a malfunction in her systems that helped her keep track of children the claw that was only meant to grab wondering children to keep them from getting away instead grabbed Eliza and Pulled her inside crushing her
    Unfortunately this event was witnessed by Kristopher miller
  • The discovery of remnant

    After Eliza's death William was exposed to a mysterious substance manifesting from human agony he names "Remnant" that keeps a spirit anchored this gives him an idea of how to bring his wife back
  • Cancelled due to leaks

    Cancelled due to leaks
    William before he could experiment realized that he was in trouble the sister location was due to open soon to a larger public than the one previously established

    so he had to quickly think of a lie to hide it
  • Charlies Death

    Charlie Emily is murdered by William Afton in the back alley of Freddy fazbears pizza and the puppet while tracking her bracelet goes outside and holds Charlies body
    due to Williams experiments and the remnant on the puppet charlie is trapped inside
  • Andrews Rage

    After Ellie's death, Kris started telling people that "baby ate Elizabeth" Andrew was pissed that kris would make such a horrible joke about his sister's death so he started bullying taking advantage of krises sudden fear of animatronics soon Andrews friends
    Fionna, Gabrial, Suzie and Cassidy joined in
  • The New kid

    One day Andrew locks kris in a supply closet at first kris is mildly annoyed until he sees something in one of the suits its a child hair sticking out of the headless animatronic he's freaked out when he realizes its a kid he knows from school
    Kelsey (born February 17th, 1967)
  • Nightmares

    5 nights leading up to his birthday party On October 31st Kris Miller has nightmares of killer animatronics
  • The Bite Of 83

    On krises birthday 5 bullies
    Fionna Jones
    Gabrial Reyes
    Suzie Dias
    Fritz Smith
    and Cassidy Williams (Distracting staff)
    Stuff Kris into the mouth of the animatronic fredbear
    But the animatronic bites down and causes kris to go into a comatose state
  • Cassidys death

    the rest of the bullies get away but David Miller catches Cassidy and in the panic is easily able to drag her into the back and kill her
  • "I will put you back together"

    Kris never recovers from the bite but William makes a promise to put kris back together he creates a robot with krises heart and organs inside of it and traps krises spirit inside
  • The pink mans murders

    3 days after the location was opened a fight broke out during a kids birthday
    Ann Krise's friend from school picked a fight with a few bullies
    Unfortunately, after the fight 4 of the kids (Fionna, Suzie, Gabrial, and Andrew) were taken to the back and murdered by David
    Before David is able to kill Andrew he is stopped by the day guard Fritz smith
    Andrew was left alive and warned by David not to tell anyone
    Andrew being confused and troubles keep his mouth shut
  • Malhare

    After the murders, William ejected and hid away the ai inside the spring bonnie suit
    but the ai gained sentience from remnant and was able to attach itself to a copy of an in-progress video game
    this ai manifested itself as malhare
  • The Bite Of 87

    On July 5th a Police Officer was bit at the first fazbear location
    Fredrick Fazbear the star of the show
    and the mascot of Freddy fazbears pizza
    the Man that was bit was Terri Emily (born April 6th 1963)
  • The Purple Guys Murders

    William Lures 3 Unsuspecting kids into the back room of the original Freddy's location
    Teg Gleeful 7
    Faith Grove 4
    and Chuch Grove 9
  • Fruity maze Girl

    After murdering the kids
    William finds a small girl Named Linda Cawthon
    playing alone
    William attempts to lure her back to kill her too but parents start to panic about where their children are
    and the girl is able to get away
  • Something Barrows Something New

    5 months after the bite of 87 a new freddys was opened with new kid-friendly animatronics named the toy animatronics
    Kris takes up the nightguard job 1 week before Jeremy
    Kris documents the actions of the animatronics but on his 5th night David reviews his sons takes and imminently takes him off the night shift
  • Private Investigation

    During the investigation of the missing kids, 3 strangers meet up and start their own private investigation not satisfied with the results
    Linda Cawthon a girl who was nearly murdered by William and she lost her best friend Ted
    Terri Emily a man who was on the force but taken off the fazbear case due to his close ties with the victim Charlie he often had outbursts of anger
    and a man named Jeremy Fitzgerald who is a private detective hired by Cassidy's father to find Cassidy
  • Jeremy Into Madness

    after being hired Jeremy was able to slip into being apart of the fazbear development team during this he was requested to play a work in progress game called fnaf vr
    he was introduced to Malhare
    while playing the game Malhare was slowly trying to take over Jeremy's body in turn slowly driving Jeremy insane
  • Jeremys Death

    On Jeremy 6th night he finds that his tablet is glitching
    at 4 am his tablet goes black in Jeremy's insanity and refusing to let the animatronics kill him he decides to die on his own terms killing himself with a paper slicer found in a supply closet
  • End of the line freddys

    When the Freddy's 2 location was scheduled to open Linda Cawthon (day guard) came in
    she couldn't find Jeremy but when she got to Williams office she found him with his face sliced off
    she called the authorities but William was able to get rid of the body while she was on the phone hiding it in the old bonnie suit
    this is the last straw and Extremely upset that his friend died
    Terri used all of his power in the police force to shut down Freddy's and for the toy animatronics to be scrapped
  • Andrews promise

    On a mysterious 8th night Andrew Afton goes into the shutdown location before it is torn down
    he wonders around and eventually finds all the toy animatronics torn apart in the back room he hears his friends calling to him
    stricken by grief andrew deciteds to gather all of the parts of each toy and create a new animatronic he calls The B.O.A.
    he leaves a note and hangs himself trapping his soul in the animatronic
    and promising to make everything right
  • You Belong here

    at the sister location, William tells his son that his daughter is trapped there so Michael takes the job there
    micheal survives 4 nights but
  • We Need you so that we can leave

    on Micheals 5th night he is scooped and is able to survive a little longer to get to a restricted room but he is eventually caught and taken over by ennard so they can leave the building
  • Morality

    When the animatronics where all gathering to make Ennard upon hearing the plan Ballora (Lisa) objected to taking his life saying that baby (Ellie) is betraying her father
    But Elizabeth is too far gone and is able to kick ballora out of the ennard
    Ballora on Micheals 5th night attempts to kill him to keep baby from taking him over
  • Period: to

    I should be dead

    Ennard takes over Micheal is lives as a human for 2 years
    and Michael eventually learned how to co live with ennard
    by getting them embalming fluids and an illusion disk that he found and talking to them but eventually, Micheals body does weaken and die and one-day ennard is forced to leave
    but before Michael can move on Michael hears the voice of his wife Michelle telling him he won't die
  • Anns Investigation

    After her sister's death and her brother Going becoming a Ceo of a fazbear 2 location Annabelle starts her own investigation with her boyfriend Dustin investigating the alleged "curse" that surrounds freddys
  • Fazbears Pizza

    a new freddys location is opened
  • The Death of the phone guy

    kris takes the job instantly to make tapes to help further employees but informally he is killed by golden Freddy (Cassidy) on his fourth night
    kris is stuffed into an extremely old Suit named Lefty in the basement
  • Mitch/Mike Schmidt

    After krises death mitch Schmidt takes up the job in hopes to find answers to what happened to kris
  • False hope

    On Miches 4th night the phone call reveals that kris was killed by an animatronic mitch goes to the authorities but William is one step ahead whipping the place clean and taking the lefty suit to another location
    and mitch is after his 5th night
  • Closed

    since there are dead bodies in the animatronics the kid's bodies start to rot and people start complaining about the smell
    William panicked the closed the restaurant
  • The Death of Dave Miller

    Dave showed up at Freddy's location to destroy the evidence of anything he did but the souls of the kids he killed showed up and chased him into the spring bonnie suit
  • Web Of Lies pt1

    one day William tells henry to erase all files for him David and henry so they can "have a new start"
    but in all reality, William is trying to find a way to keep himself out of trouble in Williams's head tells him to frame his own son Micheal for the murders of the kids wants it all to disappear so he and his brother stay out of trouble
    but he holds off his plans since his brother is missing?
  • Web Of Lies pt2

    during the process of destroying Williams file finds a disk he confused about why William wants to hide this it seems important
    he tries to access the files but he is denies
    he hooks his left arm prosthetic to the computer and it starts downloading the data into him
    inside the data scape, he meets a glitch rabbit named malware and in the data scape malhare tells henry all he knows and henry is stricken by grief makes a deal with him
    Henry wants an answer and malhare wants revenge
  • Fazbears Frights

    years after everything is over a group of fans
    Mitch Schmidt, Sammy Emily, Hazel Miller, and Chad make an attraction called fazbears frights William kept a close eye on the project then the group discovered an old spring bonnie suit and a weird animatronic that was an amalgamation fo different parts
  • Brother....

    William when went over the rights to the fazbear property he found Davids nametag with the spring trap suit and was able to deduce that this was his brother
    this set him into a spiral and caused him to hold off his plan of pinning Micheal for the murder of Sammy
  • Fnaf 3

    Hazel Miller takes the night shift job to watch over the place and Mitch gives her messages on each night and eventually finds krises messages on how to work the spring lock suits
  • Fnaf 3 part 2

    when they find the spring bonnie suit it starts walking and persuing hazel on her 3rd night she was able to find out it was David by the look in his eye
    for the rest of the nights, she tries to find a way to make it so David could leave the building since the spring bonnie programming prevented him from doing so
  • Help Wanted

    Help Wanted
    Linda Cawthon is asked by the company to play a game called fnaf help wanted
    she finds tapes that are Vanessa's but the order is off
    the order of the tapes go from Vaness asking to find the tapes to Vanessa telling Linda not to bring the tapes together
    Vanessa went from wanting to release this entity to wanting to trap it since the voice in Vanessa's head knew it would know how to defeat her
    but Linda dose release Malhare