The Diary of Samuel Sewall

By lmfarm
  • Event 1

    He went to salem where in the meetin-house the people who were accused of witch craft were being examined. It was a very great assembly that gathered. The person accused were awfully agitated.
  • Event 2

    On this day Gearge Burroughs, John Willard, John Proctor, Martha Carrier, and George Jacobs were executed at Salem. There was a great many present at the execution.
  • Event 3

    At noon in Salem Giles Cory was pressed to death. He did not confess no matter how manyy rocks were put on his chest
  • Event 4

    A petiton was sent into town on the behalf of Dorcas Hoar, how confessed. She was the first person who was condened to daeth for confessing.
  • Event 5

    He prayed to god to pardon all of his sins. He also prayed that God would bless the assembly in thier debates.