The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


    BENJAMIN BUTTON was born in a hospital on a summers day a 70 year old man.
  • The doctor gives mr.Button the bad news.

    Doctor Keen tells mr. Button that he never wants to see him or his relatives ever again. Mr. Button is hesitant to go into the Maryland Private Hospital. He finally goes in and to his surprise his son is 70 years old. the nurses also make him take the old man home.
  • The baby needs to look younger

    They give the baby a package of clothes not big enough or manly enough for him. they also cut the beard off thus changing his appearance while also imbarasing the baby.
  • Baby gets a name

    the baby was walking with Mr. Button and asking him to name him. So Mr. Button named him, Methuselah.
  • methuselah and Button are butting heads

    the baby is bored with baby thing so it messes with other thing that are inapropriate and, it starts to break things too, but only because it was expected from him. So it adds stress to Mr. Button so Mr. Button started to smoke double as much as he use to.

    Methuselah rather spend time with his grandpa than is mom and dad because they are around the same age maybe a 10-30 year difference.
  • The boy wants long Trousers give him the long Trousers!!!!!!

    Methuselah goes to his dad and tells him that he is indeed grown so why cant Methuselah wear long Trousers.
  • him and his family

    as he grew younger his wife and child hated him, his wife didnt like that he was younger looking than her. his son didnt want a dad that was in his grade and when he was older than his dad he didnt like that either.