The Count of Monte Cristo Timeline

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    The Count of Monte Cristo Timeline

  • Pharaon comes to Marseilles

    Pharaon comes to Marseilles
    The Pharaon arrives in Marseilles, but with some bad news. Captain Leclére had died while on board. Edmond Dantés is very glad to be home to see Mercedes and his father. At the beginning of the book Dantés is very kind and forgiving man, who is very intelligent.
  • Edmond gets arrested

    Edmond gets arrested
    While at his botrothal feast for Mercedes and Edmonds upcoming marriage, Edmond Dantés gets arrested for a crime that he did not commit.
  • Dantés sent to prison

    Dantés sent to prison
    After being arrested for the crime he did not commit Edmond gets question from the public inspector Villefort on a certain letter that the captain of the Pharaon had given Dantés before dying. After seeing the letter Villefort notices that the letter is adressed to his own father and sends Dantés to prison at the Chateau d'If.
  • Prison

    While at prison Dantés has only one thing on his mind and that is to kill himself so that he will not have to suffer in this prison any longer.
  • Meeting Abbé Faria

    Meeting Abbé Faria
    While in prison for a very long period of time a man comes through Dantés cell one day in prison. The man, named Abbé Faria, was a former priest also sent to the Chatuea d'If innocent. Abbé tells Dantés of a family treausre that is hidden on the Island of Monte Cristo. He also tells Dantés that he can split the money with himself.
  • Edmond and Revenge

    Edmond and Revenge
    After Abbé Faria helps Dantés to figure out the names of the people who have betrayed him and sent him to this prison, Dantés has only one thing on his mind, and that is to get revenge. This is one of Edmond's character developments over the story because all that he wants at this point is to seek reveange on the people who betrayed him.
  • The Escape

    The Escape
    After Abbé Faria dies Edmond is able to escape from prison hoping to find the treasure and seek vengeance on the people who betrayed him.
  • The Treasure

    The Treasure
    Edmond Dantés finds the treasure that Abbé Faria had told him about on the Isle of Monte Cristo.
  • The Count of Monte Cristo

    The Count of Monte Cristo
    Edmond Dantés cashes in his new found treasure and transforms himself into the Count of Monte Cristo. Another one of Dantés character developments from being the kind, forgiving sailor, to the bitter, revenge seeking Count.
  • Abbé Busconi

    Abbé Busconi
    Dantés uses one of his false identities to meet Canderrouse so that he will help give him information on Villefort, Mondego, and Danglars so that he can seek revenge on them. However he has to buy this information off of Canderrouse.
  • The Bandits

    The Bandits
    The Count of monte cristo appears in Rome ten years later and saves Albert (the son of Mercedes and Fernand) from bandits who have kidnapped him. In reward Albert introduces the count to his parents but only Mercedes is the one to recognize him.
  • Revenge on Mondego

    Revenge on Mondego
    The Count of Monte cristo exposes the truth about how Mondego obatined his money but killing Ali Pasha and taking his fortune. His wife and son also leave him when they learn of all the crimes that Mondego had comitted. Having taking away his honor and his wife and son leaving him, Mondego kills himself. Dantés character develops here as well because he wants to seek more vengeance on the people he betrayed them not just Mondego.
  • Revenge on Villefort

    Revenge on Villefort
    Dantés first takes adavantage of the many poisonings done by Villeforts wife, but hen he learns that Villefort had an afair with Madame Danglars and tried to burry their baby alive. Dantés soon lets the information spread about Villefort
  • Villefort gone crazy

    Villefort gone crazy
    After the Dantés brought up the truth about Villefort he come home to find that his wife and son are both dead. His wife had killed herslef and the baby to save themselves from dishonor and to live in a better place. The Count of Monte Cristo develops as a character here as well because he realizes that other people are being affected by his actions even though he didn't plan on it, like Villeforts son.
  • Revenge on Danglars

    Revenge on Danglars
    The Count of Monte Cristo takes 5 million fancs from Danglars making him go bankrupt. He had the bandits from Rome kidnapp Danglars and almost starve him to take his 5 million francs. Now bankrupt and penilless Dantés lets him go wounded but not dead.
  • The End

    The End
    The Count of Monte Cristo leaves his money to Maximillion and Valentine and Flees with Haydeé. This also shows Dantés character development because he has no moved on from revenge to seek happiness.