The Count of Monte Cristo Timeline

By MickieD
  • The Pharaon arrives in Marseilles

    Captain Leclere died before the boat got back. Edmond Dantes, one ofthe crew and the most likely to become the new captain, goes and sees his father and fiancee.
  • Edmond Dantes is arrested

    Edmond Dantes is arrested
    Edmond Dantes is arrested at his wedding party. He talks to Villefort who tricks Dantes into arrest once he realizes that the letter from Napolean is addressed to Villefort's own father. This same day at 10 o'clock, Dantes is taken to Chateu d'If, a prison no longer used today
  • Napoleon takes back power

    Napoleon takes back power
    While Dantes is in jail, Napoleon overtakes King Louis XVlll and is emperor again for 100 days
  • Morrel's petition

    Dantes finds a petition under his name after escaping jail, which the paper was trying to be used to get him out. it was dated to this day.
  • Napoleon loses power

    Napoleon once again loses power, tries to flee, but fails and is sent back to Elba
  • Edmond Dantes' father dies

    While Dantes is in jail, his father dies in the arms of Mercedes, Dantes fiancee, who had been taking care of the father until this day.
  • Dantes meets Abbe Faria

    After starting to tunnel, the other prisoner and Dantes finally reach each other. They tell each other they're stories and become friends.
  • Napoleon dies on Elba

  • Edmond Dantes escapes jail

    Abbe Faria dies after a 3rd attack of the disease that runs in his family. Dantes escapes by replacing Abbe with himself in the body bag which is tossed into the sea, where he swims to safety.The next day he is saved by a smugglers captian, Jacopo and joins them.
  • The Count arrives in Marseilles

    After obtaining a passport, Dantes, now the Count of Monte Cristo, heads to Marseilles
  • The Pharaon

    This boat left on Feb. 5th, 1829, as Morrel says, and was suppose to come back a month ago. They then get terrible news that the ship has been lost.
  • Edmond Dantes finds the treasure

    Abbe Faria, who dies in prison, tells Dantes of the treasure of Spada, a extinct family. After escaping, Dantes goes and finds the treasure once the smuggling ship he was apart of stopped at the Island of Monte Cristo
  • The Count Arrives in Paris

    3 months after "saving" Albert, like he stated and promised, The Count went and arrived in Paris. Albert then introduces him to people and shows him Paris.
  • Albert's challenge and his mothers pleas

    Albert, wanting to avenge his fathers dishonoring, challenges The Count, whom he sees as responsible. Later, Mercedes, Albert's mother and wife of Fernand, goes to the Count and pleas to him not to kill Albert. Then she proceeds to tell Albert who The Count is and why he dishonored Fernand.
  • Albert's apology

    When Albert meets with the Count the day after Albert challenged him, he publicly apologizes and they do not fight.
  • Fernand commits suicide

    After realizing who The Count of Monte Cristo really is, Fernand scrambles home to find that Mercedes and Albert are leaving. He then proceeds to going to his bedroom and killing himself.
  • Villefort goes mad

    After the baby incident is revealed and he is dishonored, Villefort goes home to find that he is too late to stop his wife from commiting suicide and is disraught to find that she also killed Edouard, their son. To add on to the shock, The Count of Monte Cristo then reveals himself as Edmond Dantes to him. Villefort then goes mad.
  • Danglars loses 5 million francs

    The Count of Monte Cristo had made a account with Danglars and shows up at Danglars house. He demands the 5 million francs that he was entitled to. Danglars doesn't want to because he has to give it to the hospitals but does so anyways.
  • The End?

    Dantes and Haydee sail off, leaving most of what the Count of Monte Cristo owns to Maxmillian and Valentine, who are reunited before Dantes leaves. The last words The Count of Monte Cristo/Dantes gives to Maxmillian is "wait and hope". The book then ends, leaving us to think and wonder what happens after.
  • Explanation of how Edmond has changed throughout the story

    Edmond changed ratically from the beginning of the story. Once naive, foolish, blind, and trusting now has become intelligent, strong, all seeing, and mistrusting of almost all who meets him. As time goes on after he escapes from jail, he becomes slightly less God-like in a sense. Edmond was seemingly invincible at the beginning of his battle for revenge but as time goes on, he becomes more human-like, though he doesn't completely seem like a human still. Edmond feels the pain of Equord's death.