The Burn Journals by Brunt Runyon, nonfiction, 336

By ja_bear
  • Chapters 1-4, pages 1-98, total 329

    In the first chpaters of this book, the author introdueces the main character as Brent. It starts with Brent in middle school, freaking out about how he set a shirt on fire in the gym locker room and how hes going to be in so much trouble. He then goes home and like hes doen many time, tries to commit suicide. He pours gasoline on a robe and then he puts it on and sets himself on fire. Brent then talks about how the first weeks in the hospital are and how he feels.
  • Chapters 5-7, pages 98-121, total 352

    In these chapters, Brent realizes that he wished that he had never tried to set himself on fire. He hates being in the hostpital and all the pain of the burns.
  • Chapters 8-9, pages 121- 159, total 390

    In these 2 chapters, Brent hates how much pain he is in and he is sad that his brother hates him so much that he hasnt come to see him yet.
  • Chapters 10-15, pages 159- 227, total 458

    In these pages, Brent is moved into a new hospital where he has a schedule each day that includes meals, appointments, therapy, and school. his burns are better and he is told that he is almost ready to visit home.
  • Chapters 16-21, pages 227- 304, total 535

    In these chapters, Brent continues to get better at his second hostpital where is still learning and doing therapy for his burns.
  • Chapters 21- end, pages 304-336, total 567

    In these last chpaters, Brent finally returnsn to high schol where he is faced with confronting everyone he hurt by what he did. Evryone knows what he did and that he was depressed and that he has a hard time with facing it but he gets through it.