the brand of antenea

  • 1990 BCE

    I Annabeth

    Until he ran into the explosive statue, Annabeth believed she was ready
    for anything.
    He had strolled the deck of his flying warship, the Argo II,
    checking again and again the scorpion crossbows to make sure that
    They had the insurance on. He confirmed that the white flag indicating that they were coming
    in the sound of peace he waved on the mast. He reviewed the plan with the rest of the crew .
  • II Annabeth

    A sea of ​​demigods grouped hurriedly opened to make way for
    Annabeth when she crossed the forum. Some seemed tense, others nervous.
    Some were bandaged after their recent battle with the monsters,
    But none was armed. None attacked.
  • III Annabeth

    Annabeth wanted to have an appetite because the Romans knew how to feed.
    Couches and low tables were moved to the forum until it looked like a room
    of furniture samples
  • IV Annabeth

    Annabeth wanted to hate New Rome. But as a budding architect, no
    I could at least admire the terraced gardens, the fountains and the
    temples, the winding cobbled streets and the gleaming country houses
    white After the war of the Titans that had taken place the previous year,
    he had got the job of his dreams: redesign the palaces of the mountain
    Olympus. But then, walking through that miniature city, I kept on
    to think: "I should have built a dome like that
  • V Leo

    Leo wished he could invent a time machine. I'd go back two hours and
    I would undo what had happened. Either that or invent a slapping machine to
    punish himself, although he doubted that it hurt as much as the look that
    Annabeth was throwing him. Frank nodded.
    Leo felt even worse, if that was possible. Now Annabeth trusted more than
    a Roman demigod whom I had known for three seconds as Leo
  • VI Leo

    Riding Arion was the best thing that had happened to Leo all day, which didn't
    It was saying a lot, considering that his day had been quite disgusting. The
    Horse hooves turned the surface of the lake into a salty haze. Leo
    He placed his hand against the horse's side and noticed that his muscles were working
    Like a well-oiled machine. For the first time, he understood why
    Car engines were measured in horses. Arion was a Maserati with four
  • VII Leo

    "Who is your aunt Rosa?" Asked Hazel.
    Leo didn't want to talk about her. Nemesis' words still echoed in
    your ears His tool belt looked heavier since he had
    I put the cookie, which was impossible. The belt pockets could
    transport anything without adding additional weight. Not even the objects anymore
    Fragile were breaking. Even so, Leo imagined her in there, dragging him toward
    below, waiting to be open.
  • IX Piper

    Piper didn't want to use the knife.
    But sitting in Jason's cabin, waiting for him to wake up, he
    I felt lonely and hopeless.
    Jason was so pale that he could have been dead. Piper remembered the
    awful sound of the brick hitting him in the forehead: a wound that had
    received because he had tried to protect her from the Romans.
  • X Piper

    Piper had a hard time falling asleep.
    Coach Hedge spent the first hour after curfew
    making the night round, walking down the hall while shouting: "Turn off the
    lights! Pick up! As I caught someone slipping away, I will send him out of a
    slap to Long Island!
    Every time he heard a noise he knocked on the door of a cabin with his bat
    baseball, screaming at everyone to fall asleep, which made it impossible to keep an eye on.
  • XI Piper

    If it hadn't been for the horses, Piper would have died.
    Jason and Percy charged each other, but Tempest and Blackjack got
    they planted before her long enough for Piper to jump away.
    He rolled on the ground to the edge of the road and looked back, confused and
    horrified, while the boys crossed their swords, gold against bronze.
    Sparks jumped. The leaves became blurry — attack and stop — and the roadway
  • XII Piper

    Piper couldn't explain how he knew.
    The tales of ghosts and tormented souls had always given him a
    heinous fear. His father used to joke about his grandfather's Cherokee legends
    Tom on the reservation, but even at home, in his large Malibu mansion with views
    to the Pacific, every time he told the ghost stories again, Piper didn't
    he got them out of his head
  • XIII Percy

    Let Leo forget about the smoke-scented smoke curtain. Percy
    I wanted Leo to invent an anti-dream hat.
    That night he had nightmares. First he dreamed that he was again in Alaska,
    Looking for the legion eagle. I was walking on a mountain road, but in
    When he left the shoulder, he was swallowed by a swamp. He saw himself drowning in mud,
    unable to move or breathe. For the first time in his life, he understood what
    It was drowning.
  • XIV Percy

    Percy had seen Frank surrounded by cannibal ogres, facing a giant
    impossible to kill and even freeing Thanatos, the god of death. But
    I had never seen Frank as terrified as I was at that moment, discovering that
    the two had fallen asleep in the stables. Frank pointed to the barn doors. We have to
    meet for breakfast. Are you willing to explain what you have done ...
    I mean, what have you not done? I don't want that faun ... I say, satyr ...
    kill me
  • XV Percy

    Percy came out on deck and said:
    They had landed near the top of a forested mountain. A complex of
    white buildings, such as a museum or a university, were sheltered in a
    Pine grove on the left. Under them stretched the city of
    Atlanta: a group of brown and silver skyscrapers three miles from
    distance that stood on what looked like an endless flat surface of
    highways, railroad tracks, houses and green forest strips.
  • XVII Annabeth

    Annabeth was trying to cheer up Hazel, telling her the best moments
    of Alga Brains to entertain her, when Frank walked backwards
    corridor and broke into his cabin, ie, Piper and Jason, who had been eating in the dining room, climbed
    running down the stairs
  • XVIII Annabeth

    That night Annabeth had no nightmares, which bothered her when she woke up, like the
    Calm that precedes a storm.
    Leo docked the ship at a jetty at Charleston Harbor, right next door
    from the boardwalk. Along the shore opened the historic neighborhood, with high
    mansions, palm trees and wrought iron railings. Ancient cannons pointed to
    When Annabeth went on deck, Jason, Frank and Leo had already left
  • XXI Leo

    After making a raid on a museum full of Confederate ghosts,
    Leo didn't think the day could go worse. I was wrong.
    They had not found anything in the submarine of the Civil War or in
    no other part of the museum; just a few old tourists, a guardian of
    security dozing and - when trying to inspect the artifacts - a battalion
    whole of shiny zombies with gray uniforms.
  • XXII Leo

    They were in the courtyard of an old monastery-like enclosure. The walls of
    Red brick were covered with vines. Great magnolias had cracked the
    road. The sun was down, and the humidity was two hundred percent, plus
    still high than in Houston. Somewhere nearby, Leo sensed a smell of
    fried fish. Above, the cloud cover was low and looked gray,
    furrowed with stripes like a tiger skin.
  • XXIII Leo

    Leo deserved a silly hood.
    If I had thought clearly, I would have changed the detection system of the
    Sonar radar as soon as you leave the port of Charleston. That was what there was
    forgotten. He had designed the helmet to resonate every few seconds and
    send waves through the fog to warn Festo of the presence of
    monsters in the immediate vicinity, but it only worked in a certain way:
    water or air
  • XXIV Leo

    Afros looked like his brother, only that he was blue instead of green and very much
    larger. I had Arnold Schwarzenegger's abs and arms in the
    Terminator paper and a square and rough head. A huge sword, to the
    that Conan would have approved, was attached with a strap to his
    back. He even had more hair: a huge sphere of black curls
    bluish, so thick that their lobster claws seemed to be sinking
    Try to swim to the surface.
  • XXV Piper

    Piper had a new entry on his list of the ten times he had
    more useless sense. As far as Piper was concerned, all he could do was look at his dagger
    Katoptris, trying to locate Leo, Hazel and Frank. The only images that
    I saw were the ones I didn't want to see: three black SUVs heading towards the
    north from Charleston, crammed with Roman demigods, and Reyna sitting at
    steering wheel of the first car
  • XXVI Piper

    The next morning Piper woke up to the sound of a ship's horn
    different: a noise so loud that it literally shook it off the bed.
    He wondered if Leo was spending another joke on them. Then the horn came back
    To rumble It seemed to come from several hundred meters away, from
    another ship
    He ran to get dressed. When he climbed onto the deck, the others had already gathered;
    everyone had dressed hurriedly except coach Hedge, who had
    done the night shift
  • XXVII Piper

    They climbed a mountain heavily and went down to a thick valley
    wooded, being careful to avoid snakes with black and red stripes that
    they sunbathed on the rocks. Mosquitoes swarmed over puddles
    stuck in the lower areas. The trees were mostly olive trees,
    cypresses and dwarf pines. The song of cicadas and the suffocating heat remembered
    to Piper the Oklahoma reservation during the summer
  • XXIX Percy

    Percy wasn't exactly like castanets.
    First, evil sea gods had driven him out of Atlanta. Then
    He had not been able to prevent the attack of a giant prawn in Argo II. Later
    The ichthiocentaurs, the Chiron brothers, had not even wanted to meet him.
    After all that, they had reached the Pillars of Hercules, and Percy
    had had to stay on board while Jason the Important visited his
    Stepbrother Hercules, the most famous demigod of all time.
  • XXX Percy

    Percy's heart pounded as Crisaor walked from side to side,
    inspecting them like a valuable cattle. A dozen of their warriors
    they remained forming a circle around them, aiming with the spears at
    Percy's chest, while other dozens sacked the ship, hitting and
    making noise under cover. One climbed the ladder with a box of
    Ragweed. Another was with arms loaded with crossbow arrows and a box with
    greek fire
  • XXXI Percy

    Nothing like a resounding failure to generate great ideas.
    While Percy remained unarmed and defeated, the plan took shape in his
    mind. He was so used to Annabeth giving him information
    about Greek endas law that was quite surprised to remember something useful but
    He had to act quickly. He couldn't let something happen to his friends.
    I wasn't going to lose Annabeth ... again, no.
    Crisaor was invincible. At least in a duel. But without his crew ...
  • XXXII Percy

    In other circumstances, walking around Rome with Annabeth would have been amazing.
    They toured the winding streets holding hands, dodging cars and
    reckless Vespa motorcyclists, making their way through the crowds of
    tourists and walking among seas of pigeons. The day warmed fast. When
    moved away from the exhaust gases that drove cars on the streets
    Main, the air smelled of baked bread and freshly cut flowers.
  • XXXIII Annabeth

    Annabeth thought it could have been worse. If I had to undertake a
    horrifying solo mission, at least before he had had a chance to
    Eat with Percy on the banks of the Tiber. And at that moment I had the opportunity to give
    A motorcycle ride with Gregory Peck.
    He knew about the existence of that old movie thanks to his father. During the
    recent years, since the two had made peace, more had passed
    time together, and she had discovered that her father had a cheesy side
  • XXXIV Annabeth

    Hanging in the air, going down with one hand behind the other while the stairs
    swaying violently, Annabeth thanked Chiron for all the years
    of training in the climbing course taught at the Camp
    Half Blood. Repeatedly, he had complained strongly claiming that
    Climbing a rope would not help you beat a monster. Chiron was limited
    to smile, as if he knew that day would come.
  • XXXV Annabeth

    Annabeth thought she knew what the pain was. He had fallen from the lava wall in
    The Mestizo Camp. She had been stabbed in the arm with a knife
    poisoned on the Williamsburg bridge. He had even carried the weight of
    Heaven on his shoulders.
    But that was nothing compared to falling fully on the ankle.
    He knew immediately that he had broken it. The pain went up his leg until the
    Hip like a burning steel wire. The world came down to her, her ankle and
    the torment.
  • XXXVII Leo

    Leo wished he wasn't that good.
    Really, sometimes he was ashamed. If I hadn't had such a good eye for
    mechanical things, they might not have found the secret channel, I don't know
    they would have lost underground and would not have been attacked by metallic creatures.
    But I couldn't help it.
    Part of the fault was Hazel. To be a girl with supersense
    underground, it was not much help in Rome. He just turned them around
    and more around the city, get dizzy and retrace your steps

    A problem solved: the gate above them closed
    automatically and blocked his pursuers. It also blocked all the light,
    but Leo and Frank could deal with that. Leo just hoped they didn't have to
    exit where they had entered. I wasn't sure I could open the
    tile from below.
    At least the possessed manatees were on the other side. Marble floor
    trembled on Leo's head, as if some thick tourist feet were
    Frank must have recovered the human form. Leo heard him solve in the
  • XXXIX Leo

    Leo agreed with Nemesis on one thing: good luck was a farce.
    At least when it came to Leo's fate.
    Last winter I had witnessed horrified as a family of
    Cyclops was preparing to roast Jason and Piper with hot sauce. He had
    managed to escape thanks to his ingenuity and had saved his friends without help
    Nobody's, but at least then he had time to think.
  • XLI Piper

    We have too many things to worry about, ”he said. Y
    Honestly, before last month I didn't even know when my birthday was.
    Thalia told me the last time she was at the camp.
    Piper wondered how it must be to not even know the day you had
    born. Jason had been delivered to Lupa the wolf when he was only two years old. Do not
    He had come to know his mortal mother. And he hadn't met his
    Sister until last winter.
  • XLII Piper

    They descended cautiously. Percy took the lead wielding
    Countercurrent Piper followed him, and Jason was behind, covering their backs. The
    Staircase was a narrow masonry corkscrew whose diameter did not pass
    of one meter and eighty centimeters. Even though Percy had said they had
    Freeway, Piper kept his eyes open in case there were traps. In each curve of
    the ladder was waiting for an ambush
  • XLIII Piper

    Piper needed a miracle, not a bedtime story. But just then,
    crippled by shock as black water surrounded her legs,
    he recalled the legend that Aqueloo had mentioned: the story of the flood.
    Not Noah's story, but the Cherokee version that his father used to tell him,
    with the dancing ghosts and the dog skeleton.
    When she was little, she snuggled up beside her father in her big
    seat. He watched the coast of Malibu through the windows, and his father