The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

  • Bruno performs a play.

    Bruno Performs a play with his Grandmother and his sister, Gretel. His father has just been promoted and his grandmother stomed out of the house.
  • Period: to

    Bruno's jurney

  • Bruno finds out he is moving.

    Bruno comes home one day to find out he is moving.
  • Bruno moves away.

    Bruno gets on a train and moves away from Berlin
  • Looks out window.

    Bruno looks out his windo and sees a huts and people.
  • Bruno learns about Maria's past.

    Maria, the maid, tells Bruno about her past and how she got her job.
  • Bruno makes a tyre swing.

    Bruno gets bored one day and makes a tyre swing.
  • Pavels a docter!??!

    After Bruno gets hurt Pavel helps him and tells him he was a docter. His mother comes home and tells Pavel that she will say that she will takes the credit to avoid getting Pavel into trouble.
  • Herr Liszt comes.

    Herr Liszt comes and teaches the kids.
  • Bruno makes a dicovery.

    Bruno makes an ne friend named Shmuel who lives on the other side of the fence.
  • Shmuel's Past

    Shmuel tells Bruno about his past and shows him his symbol.
  • More lies!!!!!!

    Bruno lies (again) to get himself out of trouble when Shmuel is in his house.
  • Bruno lies.

    Bruno almost let Shmuel slip of his toung but then catches himself and says it was his imaginary friend.
  • Bruno gets his hair cut.

    Gretel finds lice eggs in her hair and has to use a shampoo that doesn't smell good. Bruno gets all his hair cut off and the next time Bruno visits Shmuel, he notices that he and Shmuel look alike.
  • Home again home again.

    Bruno's mother wants to go back to Berlin and Father askes Bruno and Gretel if they want to go back.Gretel agrees quickly but Bruno wants everyone to stay together.
  • New Pajamas

    After Bruno tells Shmuel about him leaving, Shmuel gives him some pajamas yo help him find his father.
  • Over he goes.

    Bruno goes over the fence.
  • Where's Bruno?

    Bruno is never seen again.