the 1960s

  • Hotels and theatres

    Hotels and theatres open for the first time on Anzac Day. Organised sport allowed in the afternoon
  • Federal Government

    Federal Government directs all future TV commercials to be made in Australia
  • Perth

    Perth: Philip Magalnir becomes the first Australian Aborigine to vote under the new Commonwealth electoral laws granting voting rights to Aborigines
  • Fashion for the Beatles

    Cardin designed the Beatles suits which became popular for men. The suit had a single breasted collarless jacket and slim pants. Mary Quant started her own label, and is responsible for designing mini skirts, colored tights, and wet look vinyl fashions.
  • Fashion

    Space age clothing starts to become popular. Different materials were used such as discs of metal or plastic linked together with wire. Leather is also used. Metallic or neon colors were involved.
  • In 1965 Vietnam War begins

    The arrival of the Australian Army Training Team Vietnam (AATTV) in South Vietnam during July and August 1962 was the beginning of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War.