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  • He was born.

    He was born.
    Fredrick (Tex) Bean Avery was born in Taylor, Texas on February, 26 1908
  • He developed a love for Cartoons

    He developed a love for Cartoons
    When he was in in University, Avery had a love for the illustration genre, even making cartoons for the news paper of his high school.
  • He went to Art School

    He went to Art School
    Tex went to the "Art Institute of Chicago" in 1928 after he finished Highschool, but soon, he discovered that the school wasn't for him, so he quickly dropped out and went back home.
  • He's an assistant for a company

    He's an assistant for a company
    Tex was an assistant for "Walter Lantz Studios" (Not to be confused with Walt Disney) the studio that made the cartoon, "Woody Woodpecker"
  • Joined Warner Brothers

    Joined Warner Brothers
    Joined the Warner Brothers in 1935. This is where he made all of his iconic characters, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and the current design of Porky Pig. This was also when he implemented the idea that cartoons can do literally anything.
  • Left The Warner Brothers

    Left The Warner Brothers
    After 9 years at Warner, Avery left after a conflict with his boss about the editing of a Bugs Bunny cartoon.
  • He's cranking out Cartoons

    He made 5 cartoons per year for 15 whole years, meaning that in total, he worked on 75 cartoons in total.
  • He created a controversial cartoon

    He created a controversial cartoon called "Little Hot Riding Hood" that was so risque that it was banned from television.
  • He returned to Lantz

    He returned to Lantz
    Avery then returned to "Lantz Studios" where he made a cartoon called "Chilly Willy", with the main character being a penguin.
  • .He turned to making commercials

    .He turned to making commercials
    From 1954 through 1978, Avery made commercials. One of his most famous ones was a commercial for raid, featuring the character "Terry Termite"
  • He is sadly dead

    He is sadly dead
    Tex Avery died on August 26,1980 at 72 years old, due to lung cancer.
  • He gets a co-worker documentary

    A documentary called "King Sized Comedy" was made about Tex Avery, with commentary from his co-workers, as well as show some of his techniques and beliefs when it comes to cartoons, including how he believed cartoons could do anything.
  • His best and worst works (Fun Facts)

    His best and worst works (Fun Facts)
    According to the Cartoon Database, The best Bugs Bunny cartoon was his 3rd ever made, which had a vote of 4.9 out of 5. The worst was a cartoon was called "Bug's Thanksgiving Diet" which was rated a 1.7 out of five in the database.