• Terry's Birth

    Terry Crews was born on July 30, 1968 in Flint Michigan. During his childhood he dreamed of being an athlete and being an Actor.
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    Terry's Life

  • His Graduation

    After his graduation he got an athletic schlarship for Western Michigan University. He also got an art scholarship at prestigious Interlochen Center.
  • Mrs. Crews

    A year after his scholarships he a girl named Rebecca. five months after dating Crews decided to marry her. They were married a day before his birthday and he said that she was the best present of his life. Now, they have four daughters; Azriel, Naomi, Tera, and Wynfrey Crews.
  • His NFL draft

    In 1991 Terry Crews was drafted to the Los Angelas Rams. He spent a lot of time during the NFL. He got to play for several of the NFL teams; Packers, Redskins, And the Philidelphia Eagles. He spent 5 years in the NFL.
  • Beginning of Movie Career

    In 1996, a year before the end of his NFL career, He produced a film called "Young Boys Incorperated." He made an appearance in a show called "Battle Dome." When he was on that show he was refered as T-Money.
  • NFL retirement

    Terry's NFL retirement came and went because he was already into movie role playing and producing films. He retired knowing what he was going to do. With 2 years of college football, he was missed as a NFL player, but he wasn't done showing his face.
  • Terry's community

    After his retirment he moved back to Los Angeles. His purpose was to pursue his movie career. His wife wanted to move to New York, but they had no choice.
  • Popular Movie Debuts

    After his career ended in NFL in 1997, he began to perform in movies. His first movie, which was a small role, was " The sixth Day." After his first appearance he had another role in "Training Day," and in 2002, "Friday After Next." He made more roles during his movie career.
  • Other Movies during His Career.

    Terry performed in tons of movies. He was used in some movie companies. Chris Rock used him in one of his comedies called " The Boondocks." After that another comedian( Adam Sandler) used him in one of his movies called "The Benchwarmers." In 2007 he performed in a few more movies; "How to Rob a Bank,""Idiocracy," and "Inland Empire."
  • Terry's big movies

    Some of his movies were big. The movies that were big during the years 2000-2010 were; The sixth Day, Starsky & Hutch, Norbit, Soulplane, and Expendables. These movies were all big roles for him.
  • Terry Crews Today

    Ever since he started acting in 2000, he still makes movies today. Last month he made a movie called "Expendables 2"