• Hans Lippershey

    Hans Lippershey
    Hans Lippershey was the first to invent the spyglass. He was the first to present the idea of the telescope. His idea was denied and later Galileo worked with the design and improved it.
  • Galileo

    Galileo built his own telescopes and used it to discover mountains and valleys on the moon. He worked based on Hans Lippeshey's idea and improved the idea.
  • Newton

    Newtin built a metal-mirror reflector in the 1680's and then the first reflecting telescope was invented. The reason behind this is because metal mirrors prove an alternative method of gathering light.
  • Huygens

    Huygen built an open-air telescope. He discovers that the bulges around Saturn are separate rings.
  • Hadley

    1971 Hadley made a Gregorian reflector with a parabolic mirror. This reflector really improved the quality of the image.
  • Chester Moore Hall

    Chester Moore Hall
    Hall figured out how to use lenses of different shapes and different material. By discovering this, the images in the telescope improves.
  • Spiral Nebula are discovered

    Spiral Nebula are discovered
    In 1845, Lord Rosse used a really large telescope to see the spiral structure of m51. Larger telescopes and larger mirrors allow one to see more things.
  • The frist photograph of the moon

    The frist photograph of the moon
    Between 1847 and 1850, the first photo of the moon came from the telescope. With the Harvard Telescope. Data recording became more accurate.
  • Silver-on-Glass Mirror

    Silver-on-Glass Mirror
    In the 1850's, scientist figure out how to put silver on glass. This discovery made astronomers able to build more highly reflective telescope mirrors.
  • First permanent solar telescope

    First permanent solar telescope
    in 1904, The Snow Solar Telescope was built an then moved to Mount Wilson. New technology meant astronomers could learn the sun in that much more detail, and a new style of telescope was indeed needed.
  • Jansky

    1932 to 1937, the first radio telescope was being built. Astronomers began to get a more complete view of the universe. This technology adavences in phone communication.
  • Russians

    The Russians built the BTA, which was controlled and position by computers. Asronomers built smaller, more compact telescopes with larger primary mirror.
  • mulitple mirror telescope

    mulitple mirror telescope
    in 1979, The first Telescope with multiple mirroes began observing. This technology allowed astronomers to combine many images to improve light-gathering ability.
  • Hubble Space

    Hubble Space
    Hubble was the first visible-light telescope in space. This technology allowed atsronomers to move aboe the blurring effect of the atmosphere.